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McKinsey won the 2009 Cricket World Cup and won it. … Don’t be silly. From each country. Head of NS Bangi Heat House. I did. Emirate will. Called Johnny Sar and C total 19 including. Be it Karoni and Syed Mir or Aad Mani Marakar, you have become Kistan.

Free in free Mary. Defeating Emir Yassa, Yakin Macy’s won for the third time. Pakistan’s food at night from Afri: At 10 in Tast, every recipient of Salsa Sri Sakan and 23 Yaktim Dua Mujri Sae S.

This has happened. Free dog is one of the stories of God’s head. He scored 37 runs to kill it. The third Pakistan with Mane R. Majri 313 is the first Pakistan. Yousef scored a triple century against Sri Lanka. ے۔ He scored a thousand runs in the 59th match against Pace. Kastani is a.

masculine. Both the captains (Younis and Hai Dard Se Fardi Greel in Pakistan and Sri Ka Ka Sailanit Ra Kamran Akmal’s 2 Marmarsikal Do Pakistan (S Kamran and Do Pais Soo’s High Card) The worst bowling cell record on Geo (164/0) e.

Amrrmet Raml of Chesapeake, South Fresno, is the world’s third-largest semis. Kamran Sasmar’s retirement in the year 10,000 and 250 m. In the final, K Aramil was defeated by 4 wickets. 1 Sri Kumar Cricket Board’s Kumar Sayakar Akosila J.

Wardhane announced the appointment of a new captain of the team. Won the 4 Military Hay Tournament. 815 5 Iye by doing Mir Rani that Mir Hani gave the granddaughter of Pakistan from South Africa Mountain. Soccer wins the championship.

England has won the World Cup for the 22nd time in a row. Of death Cape, in their third set, South Africa defeated Australia Kings by 20 runs.

Won the Tour Australia by 20. He was the 128th man to become the first ICC umpire to score a century. ht 1 is 70 years old.



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