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How to change your voice are you tired of speaking with the same monotone voice every day? Do you want to add some variety and personality to your speech? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we will teach you how to change your voice and develop a unique tone that commands attention. Whether for work presentations or social interactions, having a distinct voice can make all the difference in making a lasting impression on others. So let’s dive in and discover the secrets to transforming your vocal cords into an impressive instrument of communication!

Why you might want to change your voice.

If you’re not happy with the sound of your voice, there are many reasons why you might want to change it. Maybe you think it sounds too high-pitched, or too nasal.  It maybe you have a lisp or a speech impediment that you want to get rid of. Maybe your voice is just starting to sound a bit tired and raspy, and you want to refresh it. Or maybe you simply want to experiment with how you sound and see what other options are out there for you.

No matter what your reasons are, changing your voice can be a fun and rewarding experience. With a little practice, anyone can learn how to control their vocal pitch and produce different sounds with their voice. So if you’re curious about how to change your voice, read on for some tips and advice!

How to change your voice

How to change your voice

If you’re unhappy with the sound of your voice, there are a few things you can do to change it. First, take a look at your posture. Are you hunched over or slouching? This can make your voice sound nasal or constricted. Stand up straight and relax your shoulders to see if this makes a difference.

Next, focus on your breathing. Many people speak from their throats, which can lead to a tight, strained voice. Instead, try to breathe from your diaphragm. This will help you project your voice more easily and make it sound richer and fuller.

Change voices with professional sound effects. Sing, record and become a star

Do you want a smooth, appealing voice to sing songs and have some amazing audios to share with your friends.Voice changer – music recorder is the best app to change your voice and your music with more than 25 audio effects. It is fast, convenient, easy to use and can generate fantastic and funny sound effects.

Recording your voice in high quality, apply effects, have fun listening to your modified voice and share them with your friends, This application also supports loading music or other audio files from your devices to apply voice changer effects on it. You can convert your voice into a girl, boy, robot and other different voices to tease your friends. Let edit audio with customizing parameters and enjoy the best audio effects right now!


★ Edit vocals after recording, best voice effects for singing:

– Improving your voice, vocal with karaoke effects.

– Editing voice as professional with music studio effects: customizing echo, reverberation and mid tone

– Adjusting Your voice tone and singing like a star

★ Funny voice effects to tease your friends or just record singing in funny voices:

– Transform your recording to girls voice(adjust feminine level) or boy voice(adjust masculine level) to troll your friends.

– Advanced girl voice effects with customizing girly, soft voice and voice tone.

– Advanced boy voice effects with customizing manly, pith loud and voice tone.

– Funny voice effects like chipmunks, kid, bee and many more!

★ Listening to music with amazing audio effects:

– Have you been fed up with boring normal music.You can change, adjust, improve, balance of the music, listing in girls or boy voice for more fun. Let you enjoy your free time and even better stress relief

– Music professional effects with customizing bass, reverberation, treble and mid help you listening to music with best experiences.

– Speed changer with customizing speed and pitch

– Boost your music bass specifically suited to EDM

★ Recording your voice in high quality:

– Record while singing karaoke with high quality.

– Up to CD quality.

– Recording in the background (even when display is off)

– Save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control in app or using notification

★ Manage your studio, quickly browses audios:

– Attractive interface of voice changer app, songs is group by album, folder

– Easy to view, edit, delete the saved audios.

– Listening to your recording in your studio to evaluate your singing progressive or not and edit it as professional music producer

★ Share your recordings:


– Save memorable moments or simply share with your friend through social network Facebook, Twitter…

– Set your saved audios as ringtone.

– You love singing and you want to share your voice with your friends?

– Send recording to friends through email, Bluetooth…





✔Music studio

✔Music professional

✔Boy voice

✔Advanced boy voice

✔Girl voice

✔Advanced girl voice

✔Bass booster

✔Speed changer





✔Raining sounds


✔Hexa floura

✔Bee voice




✔Big Alien






✔Phone call


– RECORD_AUDIO Permission to record voice.

– WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Permission to save recording to storage, read audio files.

You can also apply the listed effects for multiple times to generate plenty of different effects for your voices.

If you have any feature request or bug report please feel free to contact us:



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