Tellotalk : Pakistan Ka Apna Messenger

TotalTalk is Pakistan’s first social media application that not only allows you to chat with your friends / family but also gives you a platform to chat and make new friends. Not only that, you get a full list of exciting services like chat room, news, stories, pastime content, and much more! Key features and services of the app include:
– Chat room.
– Stories.
– News channels.
– Internal stickers.
– Pakistani Radio
– Pakistani language regional keyboard.
– Music.

And it’s not!
TotalTalk is the perfect solution for Pakistani social media that you will proudly call home.

** chat room **
Have you ever had an experience with a Pakistani chat room that is perfect for finding new friends? With TotalTalk, this is now possible. It is one of the best friendship applications where you can not only chat but also voice chat and find new friends, meet new people, share content and much more.
Unacceptable, right? The features of TotalTalk B make it one of the best chat rooms in Pakistan. Visit and make new friends through Teletalk and have a great time with your friends.

** Create Stories **
Forget about free status videos and create stories on TalTalk, create interesting videos, edit your videos, post them, and follow them on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, TechTalk or any other social platform. Share and enjoy!
So why wait to take advantage of this amazing short video maker and editor and enjoy! Story B feature lets you share trendy videos, viral videos, or funny videos in your story.

** Free voice and video call **
TotalTalk is a great voice and video calling app. If you are looking for the best Pakistani free text and video chat app, Teltalk is the answer. Install the best chat app right now.

** Messaging Application **
TotalTalk is a free messaging and chatting app that enables you to connect with old friends or meet new people through free chat rooms. You can speak English, Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto, Punjabi, Balochi or Seraiki.

** Islamic content **
Teltalk also works as a Qibla Finder app that offers prayer notifications, prayer times, daily verses and daily hadith. You can also watch Mecca or Medina TV in your TotalTalk app!

** Music stream **
Teltalk is proud to offer Pakistan’s first integrated free music app that allows you to listen to high quality FM channels and songs that suit your mood. Teltalk lets you integrate the best music directly into your messaging app!
Contact Dilbar Radio, Hot FM 105, City FM 89 and more.

** and on-demand video app **
Tell Talk enables you to watch videos including Pakistani dramas, cricket, entertainment content and much more.

** News app **
Get the latest updates from the Tal Talk News app, including the latest news from Dawn News, Pakistan Today and other newspapers. Read the best blogs in one place!


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