Slow Motion Camera.Fast Video Editor with Music

Create exciting videos with Slow Motion Video Editor!

Trim the video, adjust the speed and embellish your video with effects, then add music and sound!


Slow Video Editor lets you capture videos and publish them on social media!

Video features.

Slow, fast video effects.

Turn off sound and add music from your library or select sound on your phone.j

S Create HD quality video in slow and fast mode.

Add filters to highlight your video.

Try our interesting frames and interesting stickers for any occasion.

Text Add text and don’t forget to highlight it with emoji!

Post your video on Instagram, TicTacTo or share it with friends via Messenger. Create a live video editor.


To edit a video, you need to select a video from your gallery or take a new shot in the app, then select if you want to make a slow or fast video and use one of the 50 speeds. Select. Select any filter, frame or effect to apply, adjust the brightness and contrast and try the sticker! Add sound and music to your device or choose one of the libraries. After presenting the complete masterpiece, post it on your social media and don’t forget to include the hashtag below!


We welcome feedback so if you have any suggestions or issues with our video editor app, please contact us at: vivi


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