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Grab your Android phone in minutes using this app. Each mobile device supports multiple passwords. When these codes are manually entered from the phone’s call air, they open a hidden menu with other options and settings for your device. These codes also show a lot of useful information about your phone. Get the best hidden mobile tricks with this app and also help to increase your knowledge. Find the latest technology tips and tricks for your Android mobile. You will learn a lot about your Android phone. All features are described step by step. Contact our Mobile Tracks app for more instructions. We are constantly adding new directions and tricks. Users will be notified of the latest updates.

1- Easy and simple interface.
2- No special permission is required to install this application.
3- This application is completely free!
4- Minimum size of application.
5. Impress and share unlimited movements with friends.
6- This application is offline, so you do not need internet connection.
7. Most of the codes have been tested with the original tools.

By the way
Some of the categories in this application are:

Receive alerts when you exceed your data limit.
Android Android Speed
* Save battery power by closing dryer apps.
Google Now command
ترتیب Arrange movements to improve performance.
Get a long battery in your smartphone.
Unknown facts (about mobile device)
Recover files.
Battery repair
Unlock pattern.
Mobile mobile operation
Privacy and security
Recover your lost phone.
Include internet speed indicators.
To break the pattern
● Wifi hotspots
Screen magnifier
Show Hara Wi-Fi password.
Turn off Bluetooth.
Take a screenshot.
Telephone information
Delete notification
Record screen
Take control of your laptop.
Styrol Control your Android.
And test your Android.
Functionality Improving device performance
Add hard words to your dictionary.
Memory management
Turn off the battery dryer.
* Reduce your mobile data usage on Android.
Use Google Now.
Instructions on how to save your phone if it is stolen
• Good alarm control
Storage space automatically empties
Useful tips for contact calls
Status The status of the image in the image
How to use data server.
You adjust the font and screen size.
شامل Add your second language.
The first few things to do
Hard factory race.
Use of Brogrol OTG
Magic instructions and tricks.
Instructions for resolving screen freezing issues
تیز Arrange quick answers for these calls.
Find the braid with your voice.
Guidelines for keeping your device free of malware
Some other Android techniques
کریں Adjust your phone’s automatic unlock when you’re at home.
Remove Android phone data remotely.
Remote access from Android device

Enter these codes manually and follow them. (Some codes may damage your phone and change settings)

Some developers do not allow the use of these codes and may not work with you.

Disclaimer: This information is for experienced users. This is not for real users, hackers or mobile thieves. If you are not familiar with cell phones, do not try any of the following methods. We are not responsible for the use or misuse of this information, including data loss or damage to the hardware. So use it at your own risk.
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May 26, 2022
Data security
Security begins with understanding how developers collect and share your data. Privacy and security practices may vary depending on your usage, area and age. Developers can provide this information and update it over time.
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No information is shared with third parties.
Learn more about how developers advertise for sharing.
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No data collected.
Learn more about how developers advertise collections.
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The data is not encrypted.
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Data cannot be deleted
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Shakeel Asghari
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The list of secret codes is good, but it would be nice if they all worked. Only a few people did that on my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. As far as other postings, such as guides or walks, are concerned, this is a great collection if you are brand new.
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