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Rayman Adventures Apk Offline is another amazing adventure game for you. The antique eggs required to sustain the sacred tree, have been stolen. Let’s help Rayman and his friends to get the eggs back.

App Name Rayman Adventures Apk Offline
Genre Adventure
Publisher StarMod
Size 40 MB
Updated On 25-10-2021
Version v3.9.92 (Latest)
Price FREE
Get It On google play button
Offered By Ubisoft Entertainment

How Much Adventurous Is The Rayman Adventures Apk Offline Game?

The Rayman Adventures Apk Offline is a story based very interesting adventurous game. The story behind the game is that the ancient eggs have been stolen that are required to sustain the sacred tree where Rayman and his friends live.


So, Rayman and his friends are on a mission to get back those ancient eggs. You have to help Rayman and his friends to collect the eggs. To do so, you will have to face different obstacles in your ways. You will need to pass over these obstacles by any means.

Game Features

The Rayman Adventures Gameplay is full of amazing features that you love while playing the game. It lets you provide different environments, characters, incrediballs, powers, levels, and much more. Let’s explore all these features one by one in detail.

Embark Of Epic Adventures


The Rayman Adventures Apk Offline is full of timeless adventures. You will enjoy the adventurous experience while getting back the stolen eggs. Let’s run, swim, fly, and hover.

You will have to face different enemies in your ways. These enemies will be more powerful as you win more levels.


You will get 200+ gorgeous levels.

Rayman Adventures Characters

There are up to 55 playable Rayman Adventures Characters available in the game.

Seek Out And Collect Tons Of Incrediballs


You can collect incrediballs of 3 different powers, such as protectors, seekers, and inhalers. The beatbox mode lets you make music with these incrediballs by feeding them.

You can complete more than 50 incrediball families and collect over 320 unique incrediballs.

Unleash The Power Of The Incrediballs


You can unleash different powers of the incrediballs you collect. You need to unleash their powers at the perfect time. You should never waste the powers of the collected incrediballs. Only use their powers when you are in serious trouble.

Explore To Find Hidden Secrets


You can explore different objects that you will find on your adventurous journey. You will get different secrets hidden within the various objects.


Is Rayman Adventures Free For Android?

Yes, you can Download Rayman Adventures for android completely free.

Is Rayman Adventure Free?

Yes, the Rayman Adventure is a free game.


Rayman Adventures Apk Offline is one of the most favorite Adventure Games being loved by millions of users. More than 100 million downloads of this game have been done so far. You should not ignore this game if you are a regular game lover.

Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures Apk Offline is another amazing adventure game for you. You have to get back the stolen ancient eggs.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Adventure Game

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