Privacy dashboard apk download

This app brings Privacy dashboard from Android 12 to older android devices.

Have you ever thought which apps are accessing your privacy permission without telling you?

Well! Now you don’t have to, as Privacy dashboard will keep track of that.

App has simple and clear timeline view of accesses to location, microphone and camera.

This app mainly focuses on bringing features of “Privacy Dashboard” as seen in DP2 of android 12 to older devices.


– Beautiful Interface.

– Privacy Indicators (permission icon will appear in top-right corner when permission is used)

– Light/Dark Theme.

– Dashboard for 24 hour app usage on home screen.

– Detailed view of permission/app usage.

– No unnecessary permissions.

Permission Details:

Accessibility Setting: To get app usage for location, microphone and camera without having the direct access to camera or microphone, so more privacy.

Location Access: To get the location app usage.

This app will always be free and ad-free, so feel free to support the development via donations.

Special Thanks to MPAndroidCharts (Thanks Phil! :)) for providing a free API service for charts. Here’s the link the library I used for plotting charts in the app:

Special Thanks to MaterialSearchView (Thanks MiguelCatalan! :)) for providing a free searchview with a clean UI with simple implementation. Here’s the link the library I used for this:


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