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Shortcut Manager application to create shortcuts to applications, activities and other shortcuts for Android. Its application shortcut maker / application icon changes application that places the application icon on your home screen. Customize the application icon and shortcuts.

Shortcut manager creates application shortcuts with icons from icon packages, from gallery photos, can create application activity shortcuts, there are many applications that contain hidden activities, for them you can create icons for quick access.

You can create shortcuts with the personalized contact, direct dial, sms and other shortcuts icon available on the Android operating system.

☆ How to remove the filigree:
On Android 8.0 and higher, the Android system automatically adds a watermark to the shortcut icon. we have no control over this.

Android Create Android application shortcuts, activities, and shortcuts.
Personalize the application icon and shortcuts.
Shpejt Get quick access to Android settings like Bluetooth, wifi, location and many more.
Uesi application browser with full application details.
Change the application icon by using gallery photos, icon packages.
Clean and easy UI.

The application needs the following permissions to complete the task, please give this permission to the application when the application is opened for the first time.

Systemit Change system settings: requires permission to create activity shortcuts that change system settings
☆ Read Contact: permission is required when creating contact shortcuts
☆ Telephone: Permission is required if you use shortcuts with direct link
☆ SMS: Permission is required if you use SMS shortcuts.
Shumë should similarly be given a lot of permissions based on the shortcut you create.

Please note:
Not all activities are feasible. so you may get an error for activities that require special permissions /
Android Some Android shortcuts may give errors because they are restricted to selected applications only.

Please try the application and tell us what we can do to improve the application and make the application more useful to all users.
If you like the application, please leave your comments and rating in the play store.

Thank you.


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