Phoenix Browser -Video Downloader, Private & Fast

Phoenix Browser is the best free web browser for Android devices with easy video download, WhatsApp conditioner plug-in, anonymous browsing and data saving. Phoenix Browser can download many videos online. But the only amazing is 8 megabytes!

★ Quick Browsing and Downloading access web pages and download multiple files (videos, audio, documents, etc.) at light speed. Easily download online videos from multiple sites, Facebook, Instagram and more.

★ Smart video downloader and video player automatically detects videos from any web site so you can download them with one click. Improved video player for better viewing experience.

★ WhatsApp Status Saver Plugin: Save your friends’ WhatsApp status quickly and securely.

★ Powerful file manager ret access all your files to your mobile storage, preview photos, videos, documents (Word, Excel, PDF) and junk files from your device.

ታወቂያ Ad blockchain: Block annoying ads and pop-ups, save time and increase download speed.

ጥ Save data Stream movies, download files and browse more with less information on any web site.

★ Super Download
Phoenix Browser automatically finds videos that can be downloaded using the Smart Discovery function while browsing the web, allowing you to download and save almost all of your videos online. You can also download it via BitTorrent and Magnet. In addition to the download icon from the website, Phoenix Browser notifies the user that there are online videos that the user can download. Downloading videos is a very simple process. (!!! Download YouTube is not available due to Google policy !!!)

★ Powerful file manager
Quickly save your WhatsApp status and powerful file manager. Support more than 50 file formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, PDF and more.

★ Incognito browsing
The Incognito tab makes your browsing experience completely confidential without leaving any history, cookies, cache and more.

ታሪክ Bookmarks / History
Bookmarks help save your favorite webpage and provide quick browsing to visit them later. It helps to remember the details of the story. Both save you time to find your favorite websites.

★ Data storage
Phoenix Browser helps you compress data, simplify navigation and save a lot of mobile data traffic.

ጨ Add shortcut
Add your favorite web pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia for instant access.

★ Fast dial
Popular sites are recommended for easy access. You can customize the menu to your liking.

★ Built-in video player
The built-in video player provides comprehensive services from video downloading to video playback. You can watch videos live without leaving the app.

ፕሮግራሞች Search engines
Modify search engines as you wish. We support Google, Now, Ask, Yandex, AOL, DuckDuckGo and Bing.

ብዙ Multi-tab Manager
Easily fetch pages from multiple sites. Using a multi-tab administrator will make your browsing experience much smoother.

የለም No photo mode
No picture mode prohibits uploading photos and videos to data storage on a bad network connection.

ሽት Night / bright mode
Night mode protects your eyes as you navigate in the dark. Bright mode prevents the screen from darkening.

ፈልግ Search / Translate page.
Search for everything you need on the site pages, the translation function is supported.

Facebook social networking site

Note Fine Phoenix cannot obtain unrelated licenses from us.
Accessing all file access permissions (MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) helps Phoenix manage your mobile storage and clean up your mobile junk files for a better download experience.
Phoenix never uploads any user information.


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