Monokai toolkit is an application that provides you with a powerful tool to manage Facebook, download Facebook videos for android and ios. Secure and safe, does not collect the personal information of the user. Following tools that control/manage a Facebook accounts;
• Control friend list
• Remove unwanted friends
• Manage your activity
• See your top friends
• Batch remove
• Set your post and profile privacy
• Adds to group
• Remove or hide profile and posts
• Auto comments
• Reaction on someone’s profile
• Comment on someone’s profile
• Auto reactions
How to login:
Download Monokai toolkit from Google play store, open it add a Facebook user account, password, and login/sign-in.
Window performance toolkit:
It consists of two independent tools, a window performance record (WPR) and a window performance analyzer (WPA).
1. Window performance record (WPR)
records the event tracking for window, records system events, analyze WPA.
2. Window performance analyzer (WPA)
This tool creates tables, graphs of event tracking for Windows (ETW). Can open any file for analysis.
GPUView: It is also a tool included in the window performance toolkit, read an event log file (ETL). They Present data graphically to the user. Developers use GPUView to determine graphics of the central processing unit (CPU).
Note: You have to log in as admin to download the toolkit for Windows.
Tricks to download private videos on Facebook:
If you have ever downloaded the public video, you know about the tool application, download videos from this tool.
• First login to Facebook
• Go to private video web page
• Press the key Ctrl+U
• Copy the source code
• Click on download
How to save 3G capacity: A Facebook-only app that reduces the 3G- capacity also reduces battery optimization.
• Facebook lite app: Facebook app takes definitely a large space, Facebook lite doesn’t take large space of devices. It is re-designed from the Facebook app, posts pictures videos, and everything.
• Facebook on chrome:
• On Android: Download google chrome from the Google play store, open it type Facebook login/sign-in. It will benefit you if your android has a storage issue, also add to the home screen.
• On ios: Download Chrome, open it type Facebook login/sign-in.
Flash memory toolkit:
Flash memory Toolkit, allows removing errors and restoring the functions.
Tools to check/fix flash memory:
• Toolkit to recover data
• Backup feature
• Test performance
• Varify errors
• Eraser tool
How to use the flash toolkit to recover: Select the device, click on the flash memory toolkit, click on the update button to scan a new device, format button allows you to skip format, take a screenshot, It will help you to remove errors.
Instruction to download all photo albums on Facebook
• Download the chrome DownAlbum
• Access to album
• Click on normal
• Click on output to open the image
• Press Ctrl+S to save


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