Midnight (Night Mode)

If you use your device in places where there is little or no light, even the slightest glare of your screen can damage your eyes.
Midnight is here to help you minimize the brightness of your screen!

Ease your eyesight, reduce eye strain.
Save battery Battery (only if your device has AMOLED display)
Instant continuous notification with controls for quick access. No need to change applications!

Change the color of the screen filter slightly to adjust the screen to your liking.
Automatic mode will turn the screen filter on or off when the screen is turned on in dark places.

Reading at night has never been so easy! Creates a screen filter to minimize downlight at midnight.
Use your phone in very low light environments without damaging your eyes or disturbing the people around you, for example in a movie theater! We recommend that you try automatic mode in these situations.

Are your screen colors too cool? Maybe too hot? The screen filter can change the color a bit to make your view even easier, there are three different colors for you to choose from.

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