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Learn English is a self-taught Urdu speaker application with advanced features that meet all the needs of a self-taught English language learner. You can explore a lot to learn English in Urdu and this application will help you speak English. Learning to speak English from everyday English is the best way to improve your communication skills, and speaking English is a key feature of learning English in Urdu. This English learning application facilitates the user by pronouncing words that will help you speak English as a native speaker. By using everyday phrases, you can learn to speak English and after a little practice you will get used to learning English.

Glossary from English to Urdu:
To learn English in Urdu, you need to have a dictionary, so this dictionary is included to keep you in your place of learning. You can find the meaning of every word in Urdu and get the flow in learning English from this English learning application. The English Dictionary helps you to understand English and makes it easier for you to speak English. Spoken English requires a large amount of vocabulary which you will find from the English to Urdu dictionary.

English dictionary:
Vocabulary is the most important thing to learn English. The Learn English to Urdu application offers a large variety of vocabulary in which you can learn English from various English-speaking categories, such as family members, day names, surnames and more. If you have a strong vocabulary, it does not matter how you speak English and learn Urdu in Urdu.

Translator from English to Urdu:
The English translator gives the opportunity to translate the whole sentence, phrase or paragraph. For spoken English you need to know the meaning of a sentence and to learn English this way, the Urdu English Translator will help you. The Urdu phrase can be translated into English and Urdu into Urdu and it is the easiest way to learn English in Urdu.

English phrases of everyday life:
To learn to speak English, you need to know the slang of English and for this purpose phrases from everyday life are added to facilitate how to speak English as a mother tongue. Spoken English is only possible by learning the English phrases of everyday life spoken by native speakers.

Conversation about everyday life:
The best way to learn to speak English, and especially to learn Urdu in Urdu, is to practice dialogues and conversations. Like meeting someone, with a friend, doctor, teacher, etc. to talk. κάνετε You carry out these dialogues in everyday life, so practicing English makes the English language learning application perfect.

English watches:
How to speak English and write good English with good influence, you need to know grammar, so to speak English better, learn the grammar included in this application to learn English in Urdu. Learning English is incomplete and unsatisfactory without accurate grammar, so do your best to learn the grammar that is part of the application and enjoy learning English.

Word of the day:
Every day you will receive a new word meaning in Urdu to increase your vocabulary and to learn English in Urdu easily. Day by day your vocabulary will increase and your spoken English will improve.

Quiz of the day:
Try your English by answering an English word that means Urdu every day. You will choose the right choice in 4 options and you will be initiated in other words. The more you know new words, the better you will be in English.
Application Features Learn English in Urdu:
Complete the dictionary from English to Urdu
Complete Urdu Dictionary in English
English dictionary
English to Urdu Translator
Urdu to English Translator
English phrases of everyday life
English grammar
Conversation in everyday English
English watches
Word of the day
Quiz of the day
In short, learning Urdu in Urdu is a complete English course with all the advanced features for the beginner student to a professional


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