Internet Blocker – Block Internet Access for Apps

Are you looking for effective ways to limit your use of the Internet?
Do you want to turn off the Internet for applications with a simple tap of the app?

Download Internet Blocker and take control of Wi-Fi and data usage for each application on your Android device. Turn off Internet access and push the background data limit for preferred apps, and have peace of mind knowing they won’t use your precious data or battery.

P Simple UI
Our net blocker app allows a quick and easy way to limit the Internet for applications. Just turn off Wi-Fi for each application by typing the switch and stop using data.

The best part is that when you want to turn off Internet access, you can easily turn off the entire Internet Blocker app individually instead of turning off Internet blocking for each application.

RO No root – fast and easy
Our blockchain app internet access technology works for any Android smartphone with Android 5.1 and above. No root required Simply select applications and restrict instant internet access.

بلا Internet blocking can help:
Protect your battery
reduce your use of your information
Raise your privacy

O Features of our Guard Internet Blocker:
Simple to use web blocker to control internet usage
root No root required
One touch switch on / off for each application on your phone
Internet Turn Internet Blocker On / Off
Our data blocker for apps supports Android O.

If you want to block Internet access, such as shutting down the Internet for WhatsApp, or similar applications that use background data, just download Internet Blocker.

Try this free WiFi Protector Pure Blocker!


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