Idle Arks Mod Apk v2.3.8 (Unlimited Wood And Gems) No Ads / Free Purchase

Idle Arks
Idle Arks Mod Apk v2.3.8 (Unlimited Wood And Gems) No Ads / Free Purchase Download Unlimited Diamond


Idle Arks Mod Apk v2.3.8 (Unlimited Wood And Gems) is the best sea-based survival game where you have to save the rafts, and survivors and make a unique and idle civilization in the big sea.
Game Idle Arks
Publisher StarMod
Genre Simulation | Casual
Size 102 MB
Version 2.3.8 (Latest Mod)
Update {a few hours ago}
Price $0.99 Per Item > FREE
Available In Download Section
Mod Info Unlimited Wood And Gems (Unlimited Everything) No Ads / Unlimited Diamond
Offered By BHome
Extra Note Money And Resources Increase When Spent

What Is Idle Arks Mod Apk?

Once there was a cool and peaceful town where a sudden flood submerged and everything vanished from the earth. There was a disaster in every corner of the world and that flood swept all the things across the world. Now when the disaster was done then there was a short period of silence and calmness everywhere. The inhabitants of the world decided to build an ark for the ultimate survival of the humans as soon as possible.

While playing the Idle Arks Mod Apk, you are going to experience the whole scenario in a sea-based survival game where you have to build a raft for human survival, save the other survivors and form a team of civilized boat builders that will be exploring new continents and making a different civilization that was finished a long way before. As far as the game is concerned, only 1% of the boat captains have completed the mission of making a unique boat. Now, it’s your turn to be on the top of the list.


How To Play

We should be aware of the gameplay of the Idle Arks Mod Apk (Unlimited Wood) before mentioning the features of this game. So,  let’s dive into some informational guide about playing this popular game.

  • There will be driftwood and other different ship-building materials from the sea and you have to pick up them one by one.
  • You have to build a mighty crew that will be helping in making the new boat and you have to help the survivors and lead them to become members of that crew.
  • When you will complete the different tasks then there will be an ideal income that you will receive and this idol income will be helpful in upgrading your raft.
  • Once your boat is ready to sail then you will move into the sea and explore different surviving civilizations across that sea.


Game Features

Now, let’s move ahead and have an eye on the prominent features of the Idle Arks Game that will be helpful in knowing the deep information about this beautiful game.

Unique Raft Building

The game starts when you will open your eyes in an open sea and you will be acting as an ambitious captain that will be struggling to build his own boat by different means. You will be swimming in the sea and collecting a lot of floating bottles, wood items, treasure chests, and a lot of other mysterious ship-building materials and you will use them to build and upgrade your boat.


Form and Expand Your Crew

You will be needing a team of members in the form of a crew that will help you in every task in the game. The main idea of the Idle Arks Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems) is to rescue those people who have survived in the sea and these survivors will be your crew members. You will see that if you have more crew members then the boat building process will be much faster than the usual way. You will enjoy being the savior of this idle game that is played by millions of players already.


Idle Sea World

You can get different rewards when you will build different boats during the ideal time and these boats will be giving you money automatically. The best thing about the Idle Arks Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything) is that when you will be offline then this idle game will be making rewards and money for you and this game will grant you that rewards whenever you login back into your game after some time.


Unlock Various Elements

As you have stepped into a premium version of the Idle Arks Mod Apk (No Ads) then there are more than 100 free building materials and boats available for you free. If we talk about these building materials then you will see that dozens of unique crew members and pets will be available for you. Now, you can explore the multiple surviving Islands by enjoying the different customs of those civilizations.


3D Full Angle View

When you will be working on building many different boats and whenever you want to see the construction results from any angle then the Idle Arks Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamond) provides you with the best and most unique 3D perspective angle. You can easily swipe the mobile screens to switch perspectives from any angle. You will be able to notice and feel even the slightest movements of the sea when you will use these 3D view angles in this game.


Realistic Recreation Of Life

Whenever you will be busy creating different boats and rafts with the crew members, you will feel that sometimes there will be unexpected lightning, some heavy thunderstorms, during the rainy season and sometimes there will also be snow falling. These different weathers will be the best images of realistic recreation of life. When there is a sunny day then you can get your pets out and enjoy the fishing moments. In the end, we can say that this is one of the best and utmost reality-based games.


How Do I Download The Idle Arks Game?

You can just jump on to the download links given below or visit the Idle Arks Download Section for downloading this game.

How Many Levels Are In The Idle Arks Game?

There are ultimate 7 maps spanning 20 stages currently available in Idle Arks.

Who Made The Idle Arks Game?

home is the author of the Idle Arks Game.

What Is The Size Of The Idle Arks Game?

The size of the Idle Arks Game is just 103 MB.

Game Trailer


If you are fond of idle games and want to start a fantastic adventure then the Idle Arks Mod Apk will be the best choice for you where you have to drift across different seas, save the humans and rebuild your own civilization. If you want full freedom of playing simulation and the idle game then don’t miss the chance because by playing this lovely game you will be having certain fun and enjoyment. Join the millions of players that are already playing this entertaining game by clicking on the link given below.
Idle Arks: Build at Sea

Idle Arks Mod Apk v2.3.8 (Unlimited Wood And Gems) No Ads / Free Purchase Download Unlimited Diamond.

Price: 0.00

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android 5.0 and up

Application Category: Simulation Game, Casual Game

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