ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021

There should be an application for the official tournament for the ICC Men’s 20 World Cup 2021. Don’t miss a moment of action as we bring you all the latest news, live scores, match highlights and game clips for each game and special behind-the-scenes access to make it one of your destinations for the best T20 cricket event. Could be .

Offering a collection of news, promotions, revelations, interviews and press conferences, our in-country outreach makes you a unique platform to get to know your favorite players and teams better than ever. Help your team by receiving instant notifications to push the best button in the app and personalize your experience.

If you are a little smart, go to the quiz section and test your knowledge. For old memories, big moments not only allow you to refresh your favorite memories, but also vote for them and choose your all-time T20WC XI.

Download now and get ready for the world’s biggest cricket festival!

– Fixtures, results, stats and location information for each game.
– Multilingual video commentary in English, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali.
– Dedicated team and player pages for each competing country.
– Follow your favorite team and give you news, videos and highlights.
– Choose your favorite player and choose your best team through our Upstakes Biggest T20 World Cup XI.
– Vote for your favorite T20 World Cup moment via our Post P’s Biggest Moments video archive section.
– Test our knowledge through our MRF Tire Quiz section.


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