Anti theft Alarm – Don’t Touch My Phone 2020

Main Features:
– Anti-theft alarm (don’t touch my phone)
Anti-Mobile Sniper (Protect from Grain)
Warning when opening the charger (Do not insert the charger)
alert attack alert.

1. Anti-theft alarm (do not touch my phone)
If an unknown and unauthorized person picks up the cell phone, the alarm will sound loud to the owner. This is an anti-theft alarm to protect mobile devices.
2. Anti-mobile sniper (avoid grains)
No need to worry if you are away from home and in a crowded area. Anti-theft alarm: Do not touch my phone app will not allow anyone to touch your mobile. Therefore, your mobile is safe and secure.
3. Take note when opening the charger. (Do not insert the charger)
Sometimes when we travel to the airport or any public area we plug in the mobile or mobile to charge and usually we are very anxious while charging. No need to worry about anti-theft alarms anymore: don’t touch my phone, the app will protect your mobile. If someone opens your mobile, you will have an anti-theft alarm to warn you.
4. Login notification.
This anti-theft alarm is a very important feature. You do not have to worry if someone steals your mobile phone or forcibly steals it by negligence. Anti-theft alarm: Don’t touch my phone app, it will help you better. As soon as the intruder tries to unlock the phone’s front camera, a selfie will be taken and sent to you via email. And the location will send you using Google Maps.
Anti-theft alarm only: Don’t touch my phone app Your phone will save the whole view.
Anti-theft alarm settings.
Anti-theft alarm: Don’t touch my phone app is very simple and user friendly. I will explain the settings to you.
The default password is 5555. Anti-theft alarm developer users can change it.
Alarm sound:
There are a lot of alarm bells here. You can change it according to your example. Very simple and more.
Power outage notice:
It will notify you whenever you open the charger anti-theft alarm.
Thief’s selfie and phone location:
There is a very important option for taking a secret selfie or photo and you will be sent via email and also the location of Google Maps. This is an important feature of the anti-theft alarm app.
Anti-theft alarm: Don’t touch my phone The security application works with the Android platform. This is a very simple application in which all the security options will be filled in 2020 as the security of mobile phone is a very important factor with time. People are buying more and more mobile phones and they are always worried about security. Anti-theft alarm: Do not touch my phone app Fixes customer security issues. Anti-theft alarm: Don’t delay, my phone app will be the safest and most useful app in 2020. That way we always focus on user safety and security.
We will allow the camera to take selfies and track the position.
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