Google earth

Find places and search like locals.
Find local restaurants, events and activities that are important to you.
• Learn what the trends are and the new places that open up in the areas you care about.
Decide more confidently with ‘your match’, based on the likelihood that you will like a place.
شوې Group planning made easy. Share a short list of options and vote in real time.
Make a list of your favorite places and share it with your friends.
Be sure to try the sites suggested by local experts, Google and publishers
Review places you’ve visited. Include photos, missing roads and locations.

More experiments on Google Maps
Offline maps for searching and navigating without internet connection.
Street view and indoor pictures for restaurants, shops, museums and more
• Internal maps to quickly find your way to major locations such as airports, shopping malls and stadiums.

* Some features are not available in all countries.

* Navigation is not intended for use by large or emergency vehicles.


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