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The free offline English dictionary app explains the meaning of English words! Definitions are based on English Wiktionary. Quick search, simple and practical user interface, also optimized for tablets.
Ready to go It works offline to download without any additional files!

በላይ Over 388000 English translations and a large number of distorted forms
ይችላሉ You can scroll through the words with your finger (swipe right and left)
ድሩ Manage your bookmarks, personal notes and search history
ቱ The riddle symbol? Can be used in place of an unknown alphabet. The symbol * can be used in place of any letter group. Dot mark. It can be used to indicate the end of a word.
♦ Random search button, useful for learning new words
ፍሉ Share dictionary definition with other apps like Gmail or WhatsApp.
ነው It is key compatible with Moon + Reader, FBReader and other applications.
ምት Backup and restore configurations, personal notes and bookmarks on local memory, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box cloud (only if these apps are installed on your device and configured with your own account)
♦ Camera Search is only available on devices with OCR plug-in, rear camera. (Settings-> Floating Action Button -> Camera). The OCR plugin must be downloaded from Google Play.

Permanent search
ለመ To search for words with a prefix, e.g. Start with ‘Moon’, please write Moon * and the drop-down list shows the words ‘Moon’.
ለመ To search for words by extension, e.g. It ends with ‘Moon’, please * write the moon. And the drop-down list shows the words that end with ‘moon’
ለመ To search for words that contain a word, e.g. ‘Moon’, simply type * moon * and the drop-down list shows the words ‘moon’.

Your settings
♦ Black and white themes user-defined text colors (Click Menu -> Select Settings -> Click Theme)
የአማራ Optional floating action button (FAB) that supports one of the following actions ፡ Search, history, favorites, random search and sharing options; Alternative tremor action with similar actions.
የማያ Continuous search option for automatic keyboard on startup
♦ Text-to-speech options, including a choice of British or American accents
ብዛት Number of items in history
♦ Adjustable font size and line spacing, default screen orientation
፡ አማራጭ አማራጭ አማራጭ አማራጭ አማራጭ ፡ ፡ ፡ መነሻ መነሻ መነሻ መነሻ መነሻ መነሻ መነሻ መነሻ መነሻ መነሻ ፡ ፡ ፡…………..

የለም No sound effect? Please follow the instructions here at http://goo.gl/axXwR
Note: Verbal pronunciation only works if audio data is installed on your phone (text to speech engine).
አይ Doesn’t the English pronunciation work? Please follow the instructions here at https://cutt.ly/beMDCbR

♦ Questions and answers http:// http://goo.gl/UnU7V
ያስቀምጡ Save your bookmarks and notes carefully, please read brief https://goo.gl/d1LCVc
መረጃ Information about licenses used by the application can be found here at http://goo.gl/AsqT4C
♦ Also download other Livio offline dictionaries on Google Play for a wider and more immersive experience.

If Moon + Reader does not list my dictionary, open the “Customize Dictionary” popup pop-up and select “Open Dictionary directly when typing a word”.

Van requires offline dictionary memory. If your device has low memory, please consider using an online dictionary defin http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=livio.dictionary

App Developer Information:
Toepassing This app provides a dictionary for third-party developers, please read more details occup http://thesaurus.altervista.org/dictionary-android

This application requires the following permissions.
♢ Internet – to find the meaning of unknown words
♢ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (also known as photos / media / files) – to support configuration and bookmarks


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