Edge Lighting – Borderlight

EDGE Flash for all Android Phones – This app illuminates your mobile home screen and locks the screen with beautifully dissolved rounded corners.

You can use the settings available in the app to customize the EDGE lighting, such as changing the color, adjusting the width, adjusting the width of the EDGE lighting, display notch settings, HD wallpapers and magical EDGE. Lighting

Battery Saver: Colorful RGB EDGE lighting and application has been chosen to save battery power, so you can use it without any hassle.

Supporting Tools –
– EDGE Lighting is supported on all types of screens including screen brightness for Infinity U, Infinite V, Infinity O, Display Notch, New Infinity and more.

– You can adjust EDGE Lite on all devices like Samsung Galaxy S10, S20, Plus, One Plus, Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo etc.

EDGE Lighting Features –
– Arrange colorful round EDGE lights as live wallpaper.
– Change the colors of the EDGE borders to your liking.
– Adjust the speed of motion, width, bottom and top curved ready.
– Adjust the width, height, thread beam of the top and bottom of the display notch according to your tool notch.
– Choose EDGE Brightness Border Type, there are more than 15 Border Types:
Heart, bird, sun, lotus, snow, dolphin, beach tree, flower, smile, om, cloud, moon, star, christmas tree etc.
– Set 4K background as wallpaper inside EDGE Lighting.
– Arrange your photo as wallpaper between EDGE lighting and screen.
– Display in other apps, show more EDGE Lite on your phone than any other application and see the beautiful light experience.

Magic Edge Light –
– EDGE Lighting application offers over 30 types of magical EDGE lighting for your home and lock screen.
– You can choose any magic edge or lighting of your choice and adjust it on your screen with one click.

If you like our EDGE Lite application, please give us your feedback and review. If you encounter any problems with the performance of the application on any device, please visit us at support.edge@zipoapps.com

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