DP Without Crop, Full Profile Image – WhatsCrop

No Crop DP is a smart app that allows you to create full-size profile photos that you can use directly as a profile DP without cutting the original image. It changes the size of your DP and allows you to apply beauty 💄 mode.

No crop DP NoKey features

ያድርጉ Blur the back of your profile photo.
ይፍ Create DP without cutting.
አን Take a photo with the phone camera or select one from the phone gallery.
ይምረጡ Choose a background color for your DP from a variety of color options.
ይፍ Create profile photos in HD.
ስል Control image brightness according to your needs.

ይጠቀሙ Use the rotation function to adjust the DP.

No Crop DP is a free and easy-to-use application that you can easily create as many DPs as possible by selecting an image from a gallery or taking it with your camera. And once you have created your DP, you can set up your WhatsApp profile photo directly from the app at any time.


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