Document scanner

Are you looking for a portable scanner app?
The document scanner will transform your device into an efficient portable scanner that automatically recognizes text (OCR) and helps you become more efficient in your work and daily life.
Document Scanner – PDF Scanner is a simple and fast scanner that lets you scan any text, document, photo, report, invoice or anything else. Install the Document Scanner application to quickly scan, save and share documents in PDF, JPG or TXT format.

Key features of the document scanner

Camera scanner:
Using the device camera or gallery, you can use all kinds of documents, ID cards, certificates, invoices, invoices, notes, etc. scan and create a PDF with a photo scan.

Improve scan quality:
PDF Scanner has an intelligent auto-crop and enhancement feature that ensures the text and graphics in your scans are clear and crisp with premium colors and resolutions. Editing the document border and correcting the vision saves time and increases productivity at work.

Print to PDF:
Allows you to scan photos to PDF, PNG and JPEG output with Photo Scanner and you will also be able to edit the file after saving.

Advanced document editing:

A document scanner can automatically detect a specific part of the document that you want to scan. To get the best image quality. When scanning a document, you can add many filters to the document manager.

Share scanned files:
Easily share scanned files in PDF or JPEG format with friends via email or post on social media. Save and view scanned files anytime, anywhere.

Features displayed

OCR text identification:
The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function will allow you to distinguish any text in images. This accurate OCR scanner detects all known languages. You can extract the text later to search, modify, or share.

Electronic signature:
The PDF scanner also has an electronic signature to extract or import signatures with a single click. You can add and save your signature to edit and access the PDF.

Advanced editing help:
PDF Maker will allow you to add custom watermarks to tag your documents. Also to convert scanned PDF to Word.

How to scan:

Choose a camera to scan or select a photo scan from the gallery.
2. Scan and capture it with the 8 Points Multi-Selection tool.
Edit scanned files and improve image quality by adding filters.
4. Export the scanned files to PDF or JPEG and share them on any platform if necessary.

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