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Here are all the main newspapers.

All Pakistani news and Pakistani newspapers live on your mobile screen.

“Pakistani Newspapers / Pakistan Army News” is a very light application to show you Urdu news and Urdu newspapers from all over Pakistan. It will show you local Pakistani news as well as Pakistani national news and newspapers.

The operation requires internet connectivity as the Pakistani newspaper is collected and presented on the screen of the device using the available Pakistani news sources online.

The Pakistan Army News app allows you to read local army news and ANA news including sports news, economy news, breaking news etc. on your mobile screen. You can read your local city Lahore, Karachi News, Baloch News, Islamabad News, Peshawar News, Rawalpindi News, Faisalabad News, Punjab Pakistan News, Multan News, Pakistan Capital and latest stories. This is a Pakistani newspaper application from various online Urdu news and websites of Pakistan from Dawn Pakistan, Daily Jang, Daily Express, Daily Pakistan, Pakistan News, Awami Ghag, Khabareen, Nawai Wicket, Jasrat, Daily Aj, Daily Amit, Amit News, Daily Kashmir Gathers. From News Link, Daily Bed E Shamal, Daily Jurat, Daily Hilal Pakistan, Jahan Pakistan, Daily Dunya, Urdu Point, Nai Bait, Millat Wicket, Daily Soda Watan, Pakistani Newspapers and more.


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