Copy to simcard

This free application enables you to copy and export your phone contacts to SIM card, or file on your Android phone. Good for backing up contacts. It also supports dual SIM card phones.

You can also use the application to manage your SIM contacts, such as delete / reset SIM card with one click.

This is for phones with Android v5.x or above. When copying to SIM card, not all characters can be copied due to limitations of your SIM card.

Please do not delete any contacts that have been successfully copied to your SIM card before you confirm, preferably after restarting your Android phone!

Q: Why do I need Internet permission?
A: This is a free application, we need ads to support our work. You can choose our paid version which is free from ads and does not require internet permission.

We do not send any of your contacts anywhere outside of your phone, so your contact information is safe in any case! Your privacy is our priority!

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