100 + Messages of Condolences For Loss of Uncle

condolence messages for loss of uncle

Words Of Consolation For Loss Of Uncle

Uncle is the most important person in a family. He is the person who takes care of the children after their father’s death. In this article, we will tell you different ways of sending condolence messages when someone is facing the death of his uncle. Moreover, you will also get to know the importance of an uncle in their life and the meaning of consoling someone at their heavy loss.

Uncle is a person who has a beautiful bond with his niece and nephews. He is the goofy person in the family who cheers the mood of the children and tries to make them smile by performing different funny activities. They are the best and positive male mentors for the children. He is the one who teaches us the good and bad of life and who makes us stronger to face different difficulties in life.

Messages of Condolences for Loss of Uncle

“The lessons taught as caring and wise as yours by an uncle will last a lifetime. Can you still sense, in your heart, his presence.”

“You have been fortunate to have such a special and loving uncle. In our souls, his memory will live forever.”

“In your hour of mourning, we’re thinking of you. Your uncle’s kind, selfless disposition has made him a joy to be around.”

“We were so lucky to get to meet your uncle. He was a truly marvelous man who will live on forever in our memories.”

“Speaking of you in your uncle’s time of grief. May your uncle’s lessons last a lifetime for you and may you always feel his spirit close by.”

“In times of loss and sorrow, let your wonderful uncle’s memories bring you comfort. He was a genuinely unique guy.”

“A gift that lasts forever is the guiding light of an uncle’s wisdom. We’re so sad about the death of your uncle, and we’re praying for you during this time of sorrow.”

“Your Uncle was a spirit that was profoundly warm and loving. Please take comfort while you grieve, knowing that this very special man has touched the hearts of so many. Deepest sorrow for your uncle’s passing.”

“Your Uncle left a lasting impression on everyone’s hearts who had the privilege of knowing him. He’ll be missed greatly. Can His Soul rest peacefully.”

“There are no phrases that can explain what a very lovely soul your uncle had. He was a really special kid, and we’re so sorry about your uncle’s loss.”

“God blesses us with a very special person every once in a while, and our lives are forever changed. As you say goodbye to your beloved uncle, please note that we share your sorrow.”

“The warm and giving spirit of your Uncle will live on in all of our hearts after all the prayers have been said and the remembrance flowers have faded.”

“May you see your Uncle’s wisdom in all that you do, and recognize his kindness in your own heart. May you always feel him with you.”

“Love from an uncle is a never-ending present. May you feel his light shine down from Heaven on you forever.”

“In your time of grief, we are praying for our good friend. Your Uncle has been a blessing and a light that will forever shine upon this world.”

“It is never possible to replace an uncle’s love and it can never be lost. Your Uncle was so proud of you and I know right now he is smiling down from heaven at you.”

“Your Uncle always knew how to make us happy and had a great sense of humor. We will miss him tremendously.”

“No one can light up a room the way your uncle can. At our gatherings, we will miss him, but we are so grateful to always have him in our hearts.”

“No day goes by that we don’t miss your brilliant uncle. We hope that in the memories he leaves behind, you will find strength and healing.”

“Your Uncle was loved so dearly, and now you are in our hearts while you grieve. Take comfort in all the lovely memories that you have.”

“An uncle is someone who shows us the essence of love, strength and bravery. Every day we see in you these marvelous qualities. He was truly a marvelous man.”

“When the funeral is over and the prayers have all been said, remember that as you mourn the loss of your incredible uncle, we are all holding you in our hearts.”

“The wisdom of an uncle is a voice that forever resides in our souls. Take comfort in all the gifts he gave you, even though he’s gone, and remember that he still looks down upon you.”

“We’re so sorry to hear about your uncle’s death. He had a contagious smile, and the room brightened with his laughter.”

“As you mourn the loss of your marvelous uncle, please accept our prayers and our love. To all of us, he was so very special.”

“I’ll always remember how warm and caring your uncle was. Please know that in my prayers you are there.”

Messages of Condolences for Loss of Uncle

We share everything with our uncle which we can not share with our parents and other family members. He makes us feel relax and compatible with others in many different ways. His love is unconditional and pure. We can never get a better replacement when we lose our uncle. In different matters of life, he is the best teacher who makes us understand the reality of life.

He never makes us feel any difference in his kids and ourselves. We are more comfortable with him as compare to our parents. Our uncle is our best friend and the one who gives us the confidence to deal with other people. He helps us in our studies and other matters of life. The relationship between an uncle and a child is really awesome and great.

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Uncle is the person who makes us stronger to see the other side of life from his eyes in a different way. He has the same family tree through which we are attached. He gives us a very different and beautiful lifestyle than our parents. Uncle shares a different world with his niece and nephews which is full of energy and positive vibes.

Our uncle makes our self-confidence developed in a very good way. He performs magic tricks and many other healthy activities to make us happy. he is our best trainer and the one who teaches us to deal with the other family members of life. We spend a lot of time with our uncle and love that time even more than the time spent with other family members.

Condolence Messages For Loss of Uncle

“As we say goodbye to this wonderful man, we will hold him forever in our hearts. Your Uncle was a light and a blessing.”

“Someone who can never be replaced is an uncle. He shapes who we are and makes us courageous enough to be able to face the world. At this tremendously sad moment, please accept our heartfelt condolences.”

“Look back and take comfort in all of the lovely memories you have made in moments of great sorrow. We are so sad to hear about your uncle’s death.”

“Your Uncle always loved you and was so proud of you. I hope that in his memories you can find comfort and feel his love wherever you go.”

“I always appreciated the patience and kindness of your uncle. At this very sorrowful moment, you’re in my prayers.”

“Even after his time on earth is over, an uncle is a source of security and light. Can you still feel his affection, and know that from heaven he is looking down upon you.”

“Your Uncle was the most incredible guy we have the pleasure of learning. And if he isn’t on this planet anymore, his laughter and wonderful spirit will be with us forever.”

“To my friend at a time of unbelievable sorrow. I was so sad to hear about your uncle’s passing away. Please know that in my prayers you are there.”

“Your Uncle, when he saw someone in distress, was the first to give support. When he was here, we were so grateful to meet him. Accept our heartfelt condolences, please.”

“Please accept my condolences with respect to the loss of your lovely uncle. He was bigger than life, and for everyone around him, I will always remember everything he did.”

“A very special man we remember. Your uncle was one of the most beautiful people we’ve ever met, and we’re so sad about your loss.”

“As we say goodbye to your uncle, we remember what a warm and special man he was. For your suffering, we are so sorry.”

“As you say farewell to your uncle, you’re in our prayers. At this sorrowful time, may you find healing and comfort.”

“May you always hear the words of wisdom of your uncle lead you, and may you always feel his love everywhere you go.”

“This isn’t a time for mourning. It’s time to look back and recall all the positive stuff your uncle has done for you in life. It’s time for the legacy of the great man your uncle was to continue.”

“Your family needs you to be confident in such a tough moment. You’re surrounded by friends who are healthy. Find joy in their embraces and in their support. God bless you. May the Soul of your Uncle Rest in Peace.”

“I look at you and I feel thankful to your uncle for leaving us with such a wonderful guy. Your Uncle may not be with us anymore now but to share this weight of loss, you have many shoulders. In grace, may his soul rest.”

“It’s a difficult time for us to step through. I can understand how you feel inside because many years ago, I lost my uncle too. To your devastated relatives, my sincere condolences. In my prayers, I’ll always keep you.”

“It’s time to follow in the footsteps of your uncle, and be a man of honor just like he was. Do not surrender to your thoughts. To be strong now, your family needs you.”

“In such tough times, my heartfelt condolences to you. May God usher in peace and comfort you and your family. My God has got your heavenly uncle.”

“Like your uncle, a decent man deserves a good place in heaven. In grace, may his soul rest. My prayer is still there for you. In this tough moment, God bless you.”

“Your Uncle was a devout, god-loving, truthful man. I’m sure he is loved by God just as much as he loved God. In heaven is his place. Still keep him in your prayers.”

“The cold hands of death will be felt by any living being. Our Lord, however, is gracious enough to give us the strength to bear these losses. May God grant a place to your Uncle in Heaven, Amen!”

Condolence Messages for Loss of Uncle

He protects us like parents and gives us comfort like a friend. Our uncle makes us happy when we are sad and okay when we are depressed. He supports us in different aspects of life. We share everything with him without any fear. Everyone has a different role in our life but the place where our uncle stands in our heart and life is replaceable.

The uncles who are unmarried and don’t have kids are more beneficial for the other kids in the family because they can spend more time with them by making them happy in different ways. They have wonderful energy to play and hang around with us. He is our best crime partner because we can do any activity with him in a very relaxed mood.

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Losing someone from our family is the saddest grief anyone can face in their life. We can never face this saddest moment un till and unless we go through it. When a person lost someone he is unable to tell what he is actually feeling. Everything around him is lost forever and no one can replace his loss.

When we lose our uncle we lost our friend, a teacher, and our well-wisher. A person from our life is gone forever when our caring and loving uncle leaves us. We feel really alone when a good uncle faces the reality of death. We lost someone who is our well-wisher and a good human being who takes care of us in our every good and bad.

Condolence Messages for Uncle Death

“Sending my sincere condolences to you for your precious loss. May God grant you the power to have control over your sorrow!”

“When a loved one passes away, it is always a loss. Unbelievably heartbroken, to hear of your suffering. Please accept my most heartfelt condolences.”

“Your loved one’s passing away has rocked us to the core. At this dark moment in your life, you have my most heartfelt condolences.”

“Your loved one’s loss must feel like life has broken up in the middle. In this dark moment of your life, sweet thoughts, and prayers to you.”

“I really can’t imagine how mentally crippled at this moment in time you would feel. In this dark period of your life, please accept my most heartfelt condolences.”

“My heart is heavy with sorrow at the devastating news of your treasured individual’s passing. May the Lord send you the strength required to resolve this sorrow.”

“Wishing you and your family vigor to face the tough time and courage to resolve the grief with heartfelt condolences.”

“During this sorrowful moment, I am at a loss for words. Just know that I am thinking about you and hoping for comfort and healing!”

“It is always difficult to lose a loved one. At the workplace, all of us are profoundly saddened to learn of your loss. Sending my sincere condolences to you.”

“Words are not adequate to say how sorry we are for your loss. Always note that in the future, you will receive our full support.”

“In order to show my sympathy for your suffering, please forgive me for my own loss of vocabulary. Please let me know if, in the coming days and weeks, there is something I can help you with.”

“Often, life can be so inconsiderate. Losing an uncle is quite difficult at such a young age. But you have to keep faith in God because, for each of us, he still has the perfect plan.”

“My sincere condolences to you and your family. Your Uncle was a force of this sort on us. For us, he was like a role model. We wanted him to stay with us for several more years. Let his soul rest in peace and may God always be with you!”

“I don’t know the right word to show sympathy for you. The loss is intense and the discomfort you experience is overwhelming. For you and your family, I pray. Only note, God is right there with you!”

“Please accept my deepest condolences. May God grant you strength and bless you to cope with this challenging time of sorrow.”

“I don’t have words to express what I’d like to say exactly. For your suffering, please accept my sincere condolences.”

“When I heard the news, I couldn’t contain my tears. For you and your family, it’s a huge loss. In this difficult era, you need to be strong and help your family. You are in our prayers at all times.”

“Seeing my best friend weeping is heartbreaking for me. I don’t know how to comfort you, but I do want to let you know that it’s not just yours to suffer such a great loss. I will always be there for you to share.”

“Your Uncle was a man with noble characteristics. From him, we all heard many things. He’ll be forever remembered. May God be with you and your family at all times!”

“I am saddened to learn of the premature death of your uncle. All you can say is that this is how it is sometimes. You’ve just got to accept it and move on. For everyone, God has the best idea.”

“It’s time to remember a great person’s life who has blessed us with so many lovely memories. Your Uncle was a guy to remember, really. My sincere condolences to you.”

“Those that he loves most, God takes away. One of the fortunate ones was your Uncle. For his departed soul, let us all pray.”

“The reality is that each and every one of us will die. So in the end, what really matters is what we leave before we go. Your Uncle played his part well. He will now enter God in heaven.”

“God may give you the strength to bear this loss! The loss of an uncle has been too serious. Only know that no matter what arises in life, we are still with you. You are in our prayers at all times.”

“Maybe now I can’t feel the pain you have in your heart. But I can promise you that when you need a shoulder to sob, or when you need a friend to pray, I’m still with you.”

“Dear friend, I am so sorrowful to learn that your Uncle is no more. So heavy is your loss. I know it’s hard for you to stay strong in a time like this, but now that’s what you need. All of us is praying for you.”

Condolence Messages for Uncle Death

Condolence messages are used to console someone. These are the sentences that are used to send to heal someone’s pain. Our words can heal a heart if it is used accurately according to the situation. Death is a fact of life. It is the reality that everyone has to face alone. Everyone prays that they can live their life happily along with their family and friends forever and ever.

When someone leaves us and he or she face this reality of life then we can not find peace anywhere. Losing someone is full of depression and stress. When a person is gone forever he can never get back to us. Only his memories are left behind with us. If someone faces the reality of losing his uncle he basically lost his goofy friend and the best partner of happiness.

While sending condolence messages to a person who loses his uncle you should keep something in mind that his uncle was his part partner of happiness and joy. You should use accurate and nice words which surely help the depressed person. Never use fancy words because the words written by heart will attract more than the words used by minds.

Condolence Messages on Death of Uncle

“Sad at the news of your family member’s passing. To help you get across this difficult time in your life by sending you love, light, and sincere sympathies on the death of an uncle.”

“It’s extremely sad to hear about your loss of uncle. May God grant you the patience to cope with difficult times like this.”

“This difficult time will continue and but the beautiful memory you have will forever remain the same. With peace of mind and courage of heart, may God bless you!”

“I wish that I could express all the appropriate words to you. All I can say is that I’m sorry about your loss, and I want you to know that I mean a lot to you!”

“Your loss is inscrutable, and I am only able to offer my sympathy. I’m profoundly sorry for your loss of uncle.”

“All I can tell about your uncle is the most endearing man with a fantastic personality and no one can replace him. May God bless the soul of your uncle with peace!”

“Send our heartfelt sympathy for your uncle’s great loss. Just remember he’s always able to see you. So don’t be sad, as he doesn’t want to see you that way.”

“Recognize our deepest sympathy for your uncle’s loss. He was a lovely person who was full of positivity. In peace, may he rest!”

“In my eyes, the most inspiring person is your uncle, and the loss of a great person like her is irreversible. With a heavenly afterlife, may God bless him!”

“Know my sincere sympathies for your uncle’s sudden loss. She was such a lively person, and all of her memories I’ll always treasure. May God bless him with peace in his soul!”

“I am also shocked and saddened to learn about the loss of such a charming person. May God have a heavenly world to bless him!”

“Life can be hard. A hug, someone listening, or a conversation with a friend helps sometimes. Anytime you need it, let me know what you need.”

“Know my deepest sympathies for your uncle’s great loss. We’re going to remember your uncle as a gentle and inspiring person we’ve seen before.”

“It’s so sad to know about your uncle’s loss. Your uncle was a wonderful person with a very good sense of humor. He will always be in our hearts, and he will always live on.”

“We’re still shocked to hear your uncle’s loss, and no words would bring your heart to peace. A peaceful afterlife, may God bless his soul!”

“I am so sorry to hear of the death of your uncle. Your uncle was one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know him. Also, I’ll miss him.”

“I looked up at your uncle and I was profoundly saddened to hear of his death. I will always have excellent memories of him. I’m so sorry that you lost your uncle.”

“Your uncle has been a wonderful mentor to me, and I’m so sorry to hear about his passing. In my thoughts, I keep your family. I’m here for you if you need to talk to someone.”

“I’m so sorry that your uncle is deceased. During this difficult time, please let me know what I can do for you. I’d love to bring over a meal… let me know what times it’s going to work for you.”

“Your uncle was such a kind man, and I know that he will be missed by you. I feel so fortunate to know him so well. In my heart are you and your family.”

“I will really miss your uncle. As an intelligent, kind-hearted man, I admired him, and I’m so sorry for your uncle’s loss. Right now, I can’t imagine what you’re going through and I’m keeping you in my mind.”

“Sending your way with hugs and prayers. I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your uncle, and please know I will miss him, too.”

“I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about him. Your uncle led a remarkable life. I’m lucky to have gotten to know him, and I’m going to miss him.”

“Your uncle touched the lives of a lot of people, mine included. I’m so glad that I’ve had a chance to get to know him, and I’m heartbroken that my mentor is gone. Sending your way with love and prayers.”

“The memories I had with your family, I will always cherish them. I loved hanging out with them at family barbecues and parties. I am so sorry about the loss of your uncle. Please extend to your family my condolences.”

Condolence Messages on Death of Uncle

Condolence messages are used to heal someone’s pain at the time of depression and grief. You can send condolence messages by visiting the person’s place. The words said by meeting someone are more comfortable and worth able than the words send through some social media. The most important thing to be noticed when you hear some death news is that you should send condolence messages right after you hear the news. Don’t waste time and try your best to console the depressed person right after you hear the news.

We have discussed the meaning of sending condolence messages and the right way which can heal someone’s heart at a heavy loss. You can easily get the idea of writing a condolence message to your loved ones. Just be prepare for it and use some good words that play a good role in healing someone’s pain.

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