100 + Messages of Condolences for Loss of A Friend

condolence messages for loss of friend

Words Of Consolation For Loss Of a Friend

A person with whom we have a mutual understanding and a bond of love and care is known as a friend. In this article, we will tell you about the importance of a friend in life and who treats others who face the death of their friend. Moreover, you will also get highlighted with the different changes in life which a good friend creates in your life.

A friend is a person who loves you like a family and takes care of you as a guardian. He knows how to deal with you whenever you are sad or in a bad mood. he handles all of your mood swings. You always trust your friends and share every good and bad of your life with them. A person having a good friend in life is the blessed one.

We can never find a better replacement for a friend. It is only a good friend who knows the secrets of our life and with whom we can never even try to hide anything. Life without a friend is incomplete. He is the one who understands us without saying anything. We don’t need to say a single word because a good friend immediately understands our unspoken words. if we lost our friend we can share condolence messages for loss of friend from here, a lot of examples are shared for a person who lost his friend.

Messages of Condolences for Loss of Friend

“You have my sincere condolences for your loss of a friend. He / She was and will be sorely missed as one of my dearest friends.”

“Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the death of a friend. I counted him/her among my closest friends. I’m going to deeply miss him/her.”

“I lost a close friend. He/she will always be in my thoughts. I’m sharing your sorrow.”

“It was a pleasure to know him. We became very good friends and we enjoyed the company of each other. You have my deepest sympathy.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost one of my dearest friends whom I loved so much. I would deeply miss him/her and he/she will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Please know how much of your sadness I share. For both of us, it is a sad moment.”

“I only wanted you to know that I was profoundly saddened by your loss. You know how close he and I were to each other. I was happy to have my friend call him/her and I’m going to miss him/her so much. We lost one of the kindest and most gentle people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. At this tough moment, I am feeling your agony and sorrow. You’ve got my heartfelt sympathies.”

“I was so very sad and sorry to hear about the death of my good friend. He / She was a fantastic person and a dear friend. My wonderful memories of our time together will be cherished. All the fun times that we spent together, I’ll never forget. You’ve got my deepest sympathy.”

“I feel so sorry to hear the sad news. I’ve lost a close and wonderful friend. My condolences to you and your family.”

“I was surprised when I heard the sad news. You know how good friends we have been to. My sincere apologies to all of you for the death of a friend.”

“I can’t believe that my buddy is gone. He / She was a very unique person. You’ve got my heartfelt sympathies.”

“I was so sad to hear about the death of your friend. I hope you know that anytime you need me, I am here for you.”

“My thoughts at this time are with you. I apologize so much for your suffering on sudden death of friend.”

“Our Friend will forever be in our hearts and memories, .”

“Wishing you strength and happiness in this tough time, May His Soul Rest in Peace.”

“Words can’t mend your heartache, no matter how kind. Those who take care of you, however, wish you warmth and peace of mind. May Our Friend’s Soul Rest in Peace.”

“It may take away the warmth of having a friend, but not that of having had one.”

“We sincerely apologize for your loss of a friend. Please accept our condolences and may your comfort be supported by our prayers.”

“In our thoughts, we keep you tight and hope you know that you can rely on us for anything you might need. Sincere sympathies on the loss of a friend.”

“It was truly a pleasure to get to know him but his sudden death saddened us. He/she is going to be dearly missed May He Get Peace.”

“sorry to hear of the passing of your friend. Whenever you talk about him, I will always remember the big smile on your face and the light in your eyes. My heartfelt sympathies.”

“We hope that this card finds you surrounded by kindness and affection. Our most compassionate condolences for of friend.”

“Passing the friend is devastating news. Accept my heartfelt apologies, please.”

“I’m so sorry about your loss of your friend. he has been a good friend. You both grew up in such a wonderful family. With you are our prayers.”

“To your friend, eternal peace. May God watches over his family and with his goodness, bless them.”

“Our condolences on your friend’s departure. Can time help heal you and bring peace to you?”

“At this sad moment, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.”

“My heartfelt sorrow for your friend’s death. He was a nice guy and an excellent friend.”

“Death relieves the agony of our loved ones, however, it puts us in pain… What a conflict. We apologize for your loss of a friend.”

“We apologize for your loss of a friend by giving you lots of love and warmth.”

“Will you take comfort in knowing that you are not alone, surrounded by those who look after you.”

“Know, please, that we love and care for you and will always be here for you.”

“I was profoundly saddened to learn that your friend was passing by. God Bless her, he was an incredible person.”

“It’s never easy to lose a loved one but know that we are with you through your grief.”

Messages of Condolences for Loss of Friend

In the hectic routine of our life, we need someone to hang around in our free time. We need a person who listens to us and who understands us in every manner. So, when we have a friend in life we actually have a person with whom we can spend our spare time with a lot of happiness and joy.

He is the one who respects our feelings and who feels our pain like their own. Our friends understand our needs and take care of our little requirements. Whenever we are depressed and in a sad mood our friend is the person who supports us and stands by us through every thick and thin of life. Having a friend in life like we have a complete family. A good friend never disappoints you. He always makes you happy and tries to make you comfortable whenever you are in a bad phase of life.

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The true meaning of friendship depends on the person with whom you are in the relationship of friends. You are always true to your friends. You don’t need to hide anything from your friends if they are sincere with you. Having good friends improves our mental and physical health. Positive friendship is really good for life. They are the best source of happiness and gives us comfort throughout our life.

Condolence Messages for Loss of Friend

“A good heart has ceased to beat a good spirit has risen to the stars. In agony, we part with our beloved mate.”

“Our good friend, a prayer, a flower, a candle, and sad tears of pain on your grave.”

“We pray that God will give you the peace you need to get through this at this tough time in your life. Sincere sympathy for the death of a friend.”

“Condolences to the families of the bereaved. For a friend, for a wonderful guy, my tears flood. In heaven, God rest his soul. ”

“Despite the lack of your friend’s physical presence. We know that in your life, God has entrusted him to watch over you.”

“I am profoundly saddened by your friend’s death. He’s going to really be missed and I’m going to include him in my daily prayers.”

“I am deeply saddened by the loss that you and your family have encountered. My condolences on the loss of a friend.”

“The news of my friend makes me profoundly saddened. I pray that you will be granted power by Heaven. My most heartfelt sympathies.”

“I have the honor and the privilege of knowing your friend. In my life, he was truly a blessing and I will miss him. My expressions of condolences.”

“I sincerely apologize for your loss of a friend. He will be missed and never forgotten, and his soul will rest in peace.”

“I am deeply saddened to hear of your friend’s loss. Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help you to be comforted.”

“Right now, I can’t imagine what you’re going to feel, but I want you to know that we’re just a phone call away. My sincere apologies for the death of friend.”

“I extend to you and your family my deepest sympathies. May my friend’s soul be at peace in Heaven.”

“I hope that during this sad time, our Lord will bring you and your family the much-needed healing. To you and your family, my condolences, Really Sorry For Loss Of My Dear Friend”

“I know what you’re going through right now is really hard. Just know that I’m here for you. I sincerely apologize for the loss of a friend.”

“I loved and lost so much. Today you are not where you were, but in my heart, you will always be. In heaven, God rest you, our dear friend.”

“Never will I forget his goodness. May God grant him everlasting rest and the power of the family to endure the great pain.”

“I would like to give our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to you and your family and may my best friend’s soul rest in peace.”

“I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to you at this sorrowful time. May you and your loved ones be comforted by our Lord.”

“May care and love provide comfort and peace for those around you to get you through the days ahead. My most heartfelt sympathies.”

“May my friend’s fond memories bring you comfort during this tough period in your life. My heart and my prayers go out to your family and to you.”

“May God forgive his/her soul and welcome him/her in the Garden of Eden, near the throne she/he sought and loved.”

“May my condolences offer you comfort and may the pain of this loss be relieved by my prayers.”

“In this time of mourning, may our Lord bless and console you and your family. Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of my friend.”

“At this unfortunate time, may the love and grace of our Lord be bestowed upon you and your families. My most heartfelt sympathies for the loss of a dearest friend.

“May the soul of the dearly departed rest in peace, may my prayers help lead her to our Maker on her journey.”

“My heartfelt sympathies go out to your family and to you. May God grant you the peace you are seeking, really sorry for the sudden death of a friend”

“My sincere condolences to you and your family. I will certainly miss the presence of a person who is genuinely lovable and kind.”

“No one can understand how painful a split is Only the everlasting memory of our beloved friend remains in our hearts.”

Condolence Messages for Loss of Friend

We can easily share a lot of things with our friends that we can not share with our family. There are no boundaries in a true friendship because true friends love you unconditionally and try to make everything possible just to see you happy. He is the one who helps us financially whenever we need it and helps us mentally when we are in the saddest period of life.

Friends are family. We love them like we love our family members. Their care means a lot and the way they treat us is really great. It leaves a very great impact on our mind afterward. We never forget the love and care that our friends give us in every time period of life. So, facing a friend’s death is the saddest moment of life. It is unbearable and it is really hard to get through it.

When someone loses his friend he basically lost every good thing in life. A person from his life is gone forever who takes care of her more than anything else in the world. We remain alone when a good friend leaves us forever.  Losing a friend means losing our strength. We feel really alone and sad when we face the death of our friend. It needs a lot of courage to face this type of pf grief.

Condolence Messages for Friend Death

“We knew, appreciated, and respected our souls hardened by the agony of witnessing an unjust disappearance! God is resting his soul.”

“Please accept my condolences, just know that I am here for you, please do not hesitate, particularly during this difficult period, to reach out.”

“Prayers and dear memories are what our dearly departed ones need to remember. My most sincere apologies for the loss of a friend.”

“Remembering his marvelous and gentle spirit will remain in our hearts forever. May His Soul Rest in Peace.”

“Sincere condolences to the mourning families for the tremendous loss they have suffered. Accept my condolences, please.”

“The good Lord summoned our beloved friend last night. In peace, May God rests his soul.”

“We hope that after a terrible disappearance, the Good Lord will caress the souls of those left desolate. Our apologies for the loss of a friend.”

“We’re never going to forget you. As he prayed for us we will pray for him. May God grant our friend everlasting rest.”

“I apologize for your loss of friend. May God ease you during this painful time. Stay there solid.”

“Please accept my heartfelt sorrow for your friend’s passing away.”

“During this difficult time, may God bless and comfort you and your family. Please accept my sincere condolences.”

“On the passing of a friend, my heart goes out to you and your family Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.”

“I apologize for our best friend. You will navigate through these rough waters with time and courage.”

“I can’t imagine what you’re feeling right now Let me know if there’s something I can do to relieve your pain in this tough moment.”

“I’ve heard of friend’s passing away, I hope you can take some comfort in knowing he was a wonderful friend, and he’s going to be sorely missed.”

“I am profoundly honored and grateful to have met him. In my life, he was a blessing and I will hold my friend in my heart forever. Accept my condolences.”

“I was so profoundly saddened to learn of the death of friend. He was an incredible guy. You have my heartfelt sympathy.”

“My heartfelt condolences for your friend’s suffering. I know that you loved him so much. At this difficult moment, I share your sorrow.”

“Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your friend’s suffering. At this sad moment, I share in the sorrow of you and your family.”

“I am profoundly saddened by your friend’s death. he will be truly missed, and in my daily prayers, I will include you and your family.

“An individual who departs from this earth never truly leaves, for in our hearts and minds they are still alive, through us, they live on. He will certainly not be forgotten.”

“During this tough time, my deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. May you find the warmth and peace you are seeking and may friend’s soul rest in peace.”

“Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the passing of our friend. Know that if you need a shoulder to cry on, I am available. God is blessing his soul.”

“I extend my deep and sincere condolences to you for the loss of a comrade. I hope you take some comfort in knowing he was a wonderful person, and he’s never going to be forgotten.”

“At this dark time of your life, I give you my reflections, prayers, and good wishes. Can my friend’s soul rest in peace.”

“Hearing about the death of a dear friend is awful. I extend to you and your family my heartfelt condolences. Know that in my thoughts and prayers, you and your family are.”

“I am greatly saddened by the great loss suffered by you and your family. In this tough moment, my heart goes out to you, and may you and your loved ones find the strength to get through this.”

Condolence Messages for Friend Death

Sending condolence messages is the best way to console someone on some heavy loss. It is just not the words it is all about the sentence which heals the pain of the opposite person. Your words can heal the pain and at the same time, it can also hurt someone. So, everyone should keep some important points in mind while consoling someone on their loss.

Sympathy notes leave a good impact on a person’s grief. It can easily heal the pain for some short period of time. When you are planning to send condolence messages on the loss of a friend you should keep in mind that their friend was the best part of their life. You should know that the person is facing the saddest grief in their life and your kind words will foe sure make them relax.

There are many different ways of sending condolence messages on the loss of a friend. You can plan a visit with the person who lost his friend and adding some good memories of their friend along with the condolence notes can surely heal their pain. The most important thing is that you should call the person or visit him right after you hear the news of death. If you are not available then you can send sympathy messages with the help of some source.

Condolence Messages on Death of Friend

“I hope that during this sad time, the Lord will bring you and your family much-needed comfort and healing. To you and your family, my condolences on the loss of my friend .”

“It’s never easy to lose someone we love, but we have to be grateful for the wonderful moments and memories we have shared with them. Our Friend was a spirit that was beautiful and kind and he won’t be forgotten.”

“To you and your family, I would like to express my sorrow and condolences. I hope that you and your family have found the courage to endure this great loss.”

“If your tears have dried up and you say farewell, what is left of you are the beautiful and happy memories you have shared with my friend. May you take comfort in the memories that you shared with my dear friend and accept my heartfelt condolences.”

“My heart goes out to you and your family as our friend passes away. Accept my heartfelt condolences.'”

“He was a kind and gentleman, acknowledging my sincere condolences for the loss of friend. Bless his soul, Heaven.”

“At this difficult time caused by the tragic loss of my dear friend, my thoughts are with you and your family. Accept my deepest condolences.”

“There are no words to convey my sorrow at the loss of your brother and my friend so that you can take comfort in the loving memories you shared while he was still alive. Accept my condolences.'”

“He can only be physically gone, but he can never live a life and share memories. Let his soul rest in peace, have confidence and be strong.'”

“It is horrible and tragic to hear about your dear friend’s abrupt and painful departure. You and your family have my deepest and sincere condolences.”

“Searching in your heart every time you miss him, you can feel him there be with him and embrace him. Can his gentle soul in peace rest.”

“My friend will be loved forever. He lives on in our hearts. Serving alongside your brother is a privilege. To you and your family, my condolences.”

“Your friend is the kindest and most courageous person I have ever met. Stay strong and know that he lives in our hearts all the time. My own sympathies.”

“I know that right now there are no words to console you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if there is something I can do to help ease your grief during this trying time. To you and your family, my condolences.”

“This isn’t a time for mourning. It’s time to look back and recall all the positive things he’s done for us in life. It’s time to continue my friend’s tradition of being a great guy.”

“Your family needs you to be confident in such a tough moment. You’re surrounded by friends who are healthy. Find joy in their embraces and in their support. God is blessing you.”

“I look at you and I feel thankful to my friend for leaving us with such wonderful memories. My friend may not be with us anymore now but to share this weight of loss, you have many shoulders. In grace, may his soul rest.”

“It’s a difficult time for us to step through. How you feel inside, I can understand. To your devastated relatives, my sincere condolences. In my prayers, I’ll always keep you.”

“A decent guy like a friend of mine will deserve a good place in heaven. In grace, may his soul rest. My prayer is still there for you. In this tough moment, God bless you.”

“My friend was a righteous, godly, caring, truthful man. I’m sure he is loved by God just as much as he loved God. In heaven is his place. Still keep him in your prayers.”

“The cold hands of death will be felt by any living being. Our Lord, however, is gracious enough to give us the strength to bear these losses. May God grant a place in heaven to my friend, Amen.”

“No word can convey, dear friend, how sorry I feel for your unfortunate death! In grace, may you rest? In our loving memories, you will always be.”

“Dear, in just a short time, you’ve left everything behind! We will greatly miss you. In my prayers and reflections, you will always be!”

“One day or another, everybody has to go. Some departures, though, are too much to handle. People like you were deserving of this world, but I think heaven deserved you more!”

“Why does God send an angel to earth if he doesn’t let them stay here forever? I can’t believe you aren’t on this planet anymore. Rest there in harmony!”

“I always thought this was such a wonderful life. But I didn’t know it would be so cruel for me someday. I wish I could carry you to life again.”

“Death may have taken you away from me, but it may never have taken away your memories. You will always be in my heart in your own special place. RIP!”

Condolence Messages on Death of Friend

The person who is facing some grief needs to be consoled at the right time. It is really unfortunate when we lose a friend because for somebody a friend is the only happiness of life. So, condolence messages send at the loss of a friend should be simple and pure. Fancy words will never attract a person who is going through some sort of pain. You should use simple and kind words and along with this, you can add up some memorable pictures of their loved ones.

We have discussed different ways of consoling someone on their heavy loss. You can choose the correct one according to the relationship with the person. For sure your words will not heal the pain completely but to some extent, they can give some relief to the departed soul. It is really not necessary to visit the depressed soul instead of sending simple condolence messages that can heal the person’s pain for some time.

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