100 + Messages of Condolences for Loss of a Father

sympathy condolence messages for loss of father

In this article, we will tell you about the importance of a father in a child’s life. Moreover, you will get to know the loss which a child faces when he or she losses a father. In addition to it, you will also get different types of condolence messages for the loss of a Father notes to console a depressed person when he losses his father.

Messages of Condolences for the Loss of a Father

“This isn’t a time for mourning. Time to look back and remember all the good things he’s done for you in life. It’s time for the legacy of the great man your father was to continue.”
“Your family needs you to be confident in such a tough moment. You’re surrounded by friends who are healthy. Find joy in their embraces and in their support. God is blessing you!”
“I look at you and I feel thankful to your father for leaving among us such a wonderful Person. Your father may not be with us now, but to share this weight of loss, you have many shoulders. In grace, may his soul rest?”
“It’s a difficult time for us to step through. I can understand how you feel inside because many years ago, I also lost my father. To your devastated relatives, my sincere condolences. In my prayers, I’ll always keep you.”
“It’s time to walk in the footsteps of your father and be a man of integrity, just like he was. Do not surrender to your thoughts. To be strong now, your family needs you.”
“In such tough times, my heartfelt condolences to you. May God usher in peace and comfort you and your family. My God in heaven will receive your father.”
“A good man deserves a good place in heaven, like your dad. In grace, may his soul rest. My prayer is still there for you. In this tough moment, God bless you.”
“Your father was a religious man, a caring God, an honest man. I’m sure he is loved by God just as much as he loved God. In heaven is his place. Still keep him in your prayers.”
“The cold hands of death will be felt by any living being. Our Lord, however, is gracious enough to give us the strength to bear these losses. May God, Amen, grant your father a place in heaven.”
“Those that he loves most, God takes away. One of the lucky ones was your dad. For his departed soul, let us all pray.”
“The reality is that each and every one of us will die. So, in the end, what really matters is what we leave before we go. Your dad played his part well. He will now enter God in heaven.”
“God may give you the strength to bear this loss! The loss of a father has been too serious. Only know that no matter what arises in life, we are still with you. You are in our prayers at all times.”
“Can the memory of him be everlasting? Your dad loved his family for real.”
“Your father was a generous man and a real gentleman, always putting others in front of him. Unquestionably, he would be missed.”
“My heartfelt sympathies. Your dad was an excellent friend, and his death was devastating. We’re going to pray for your dad.”
“I apologise for your loss. Your father was the backbone of our culture, and he will be missed. In our prayers, your family is.”
“Your dad was a good guy like that. It saddened us when we learnt that he was moving away. In Heaven, rest.”
“We are deeply saddened by your father’s death. In our prayers, you will be.”
“Your Dad always boasted about what a wonderful family he had. I know that to him you meant so much. I’m so sad about your loss.”
“I know he’ll really look out for you and your brothers. That’s the kind of person that he was.”
“I’ve been working with your father for over 35 years, and he was a kind and honest man. Tell your mom, please, that we are sharing her sorrow.”
“Your father has passed away, but his feelings, his aspirations, and his dreams are still alive.”
“I sincerely apologise for your loss. No message of condolence can express how much your father has meant to me and how sad I am about your loss.”
“Your dad was a wonderful guy who loved everyone, and we had the pleasure of working with him and playing golf.”
“I want you to know that it saddens all the people who worked with your dad. He was a delightful man really, and we’re going to miss him dearly.”

Messages of Condolences for the Loss of a Mother

A father is a great shelter for a child. He is the most important person in a child’s life. It is really a very difficult task to become a parent and as well as a Dad. Being a father is not really a difficult task but to complete the responsibilities of a Dad is not really a piece of cake. It takes a lifetime to become a great dad. A father is enrolled with a lot of difficulties and responsibilities of a child.

He lives his life to love the child and to encourage him in his good deeds. He is the one who stands by the child through every thick and thin. You can never get a better replacement of a father because of the pain which a father feels for his child no other person can feel it. He is the one who forgets his happiness to give peace and comfort to the child. He does every possible thing to make his child happy and successful.

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A father is a person in the family who plays a vital role in the development of a child. His deeds and actions built a great child likewise his wrongdoing can spoil a child. A father is a security for his child because a child feels really secure with his dad. Moreover, a child’s social development depends on the father’s upbringing. He teaches them to get socialize with different peoples and how to treat others.

Condolence Messages for Loss of a Father

“I know how proud your father was of you. His death must be a painful part of the family for me. For you, we are praying.”
“I played football with your dad in high school, many years ago. He would note what a wonderful family he had and would thank God for that blessing over the years. He’s going to be missed.”
“Your father gave a great deal of joy to all his golf buddies. I shall hold you in my thoughts and prayers as you grieve.”
“When I heard of your father’s death, I was saddened. He was a great friend and co-worker.”
“All the people who worked for him valued your Dad. He was a genuine king, and we’re going to miss him. Condolences from everyone in the factory.”
“I was saddened by the news of your father’s death. He was a wonderful guy and all of us would miss him. We are praying for your family as a whole.”
“Please accept my heartfelt condolences concerning the death of your father.”
“The lessons taught as caring and wise as yours by a father will last a lifetime. Can you still sense, in your heart, his presence?”
“You were fortunate to have such a special and loving parent. In our souls, his memory will live forever.”
“In your hour of mourning, we’re thinking of you. Your father’s kind, selfless personality made him a joy to be around.”
“We were so lucky to get to know your dad. He was a truly marvelous man who will live on forever in our memories.”
“Thinking about you during your time of loss. Can your father’s lessons last you a lifetime, and may you always feel his spirit close by.”
“In times of loss and sorrow, let your wonderful father’s memories bring you comfort. He was a genuinely unique guy.”
“A gift that lasts forever is the guiding light of the wisdom of a father. We are so sorry for your loss, and during this time of sorrow, we are praying for you.”
“Your dad was an amazingly warm and compassionate spirit. Please take comfort while you grieve, knowing that this very special man has touched the hearts of so many.”
“Your dad left a lasting impression on everybody’s heart who had the privilege of knowing him. He’ll be missed greatly.”
“There are no phrases that can explain what a genuinely lovely soul your dad had. He was a very special man, and we apologise so much for your loss.”
“God blesses us with a very special person every once in a while, and our lives are forever changed. Please know that, when you say goodbye to your beloved father, we share your sorrow.”
“The warm and giving spirit of your father will live on in all of our hearts after all the prayers have been said and the remembrance flowers have faded.”
“May you see the wisdom of your father in everything that you do, and in your own heart, remember his goodness. Can you feel him with you still?”
“The devotion of a father is a never-ending blessing. May you feel his light shine down from Heaven on you forever.”
“In your time of grief, we are praying for our good friend. Your father was a blessing and a light which will shine forever upon this world.”
“A father’s love can never be substituted, and it can never be lost. Your father was so proud of you, and I know that he now looks down from heaven at you.”
“Your dad had a fantastic sense of humor and was always mindful of how to make us happy. We will miss him tremendously.”
“The way your father could, nobody could light up a room. At our gatherings, we will miss him, but we are so grateful to always have him in our hearts.”

Condolence Messages for Loss of a Father

A child is the luckiest person on the earth if he or she is blessed with a father and a mother. No other relationship can take place of a parent. Parents are an essential part of a child’s life. So when we lose a father or a mother we lose the entire world. We eventually lost someone who was our world and our source of happiness. So if you are sending some condolence messages to a person who lost his father you should be really deep with your words.

Losing a father is the saddest grief on the earth. We can never find a better replacement for a father. When a child loses his father he basically lost his shelter and the person to whom he can share every little thing of life. We can not imagine what a child faces when he or she loses his father. While losing a father we lost the one who cares for us the most in the family.

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A best friend is gone forever when a child is left alone without a father. He or she has to face the world all alone with a lot of difficulties and worry. In short, when we lose a father we lost someone who is the shadow of our happiness and the cure of our grief.

It is really very difficult to find words for losing a father. We can not feel this strong grief until and unless to come across to it. No words can explain the pain of losing a father. When a child lost his dad he or she becomes very depressed and uncomfortable. So, when you are planning to send some sympathy notes on this type of strong grief you have to be focused on your words.

Condolence Messages for Father Death

“Not a day passes when your wonderful father is not missed. We hope that in the memories he leaves behind, you will find strength and healing.”
“Your father was so dearly loved, and now you are in our hearts as you grieve. Take comfort in all the lovely memories that you have.”
“A dad is someone who shows us the importance of bravery, determination, and devotion. Every day, we see in you these marvelous qualities. He was truly a marvelous man.”
“After the funeral is over and the prayers have all been said, understand that as you mourn the loss of your incredible father, we are all holding you in our hearts.”
“The wisdom of a father is a voice which lives forever in our hearts. Take comfort in all the gifts he gave you, even though he’s gone, and remember that he still looks down upon you.”
“We are so sad to hear about your father’s death. He had a contagious smile, and the room brightened with his laughter.”
“Long after his life on earth is complete, a father is a source of security and light. Can you still feel his affection, and know that from heaven he is looking down upon you.”
“Your dad was the most incredible man we have the honour of knowing. And if he isn’t on this planet anymore, his laughter and wonderful spirit will be with us forever.”
“To my friend at a time of unbelievable sorrow. I was so sad to hear about your father passing away. Please know that in my prayers you are there.”
“Your dad was the first to provide assistance when he saw someone in need. When he was here, we were so grateful to meet him. Accept our heartfelt condolences, please.”
“As we say goodbye to this wonderful man, we will hold him forever in our hearts. Your father was a light and a blessing.”
“Someone who can never be replaced is a dad. He shapes who we are and makes us courageous enough to be able to face the world. During this tremendously sad time , please accept our sincere condolences.”
“Surely we’re going to miss his presence in our midst, resting on Papa.”
“He was a decent man, living an exemplary life. Rest on daddy.”
“I feel terrible about the news of his passing, and my thoughts are with you and your family.”
“I’m deeply saddened to hear of your loss. He undoubtedly left an indelible influence. Accept my most profound condolences.”
“I know how difficult it is to forget him, but you just need to remain strong and concentrate on the tasks ahead. May his soul rest in the Lord’s bosom.”
“At this tough moment, I will never cease to pray for you or forget you. In grace, may his soul rest (RIP).”
“He inspired me to be who I am today, and he has enriched and touched the lives of thousands of people. As long as I breathe, the memory of his good deeds will never be erased. Rest on daddy.”
“I didn’t get to know your dad very well, though, but I know he’s a man, and he raised the best kids to keep his good work going. We’re sure we’ll miss him. In Peace Rest (RIP).”
“I was completely saddened by the news of your father’s sudden death. He was my real-life mentor, and from him I learned a lot. I pray that God will grant you and your family the power to cope with this setback.”
“The role of the father in life can not be replaced by anyone. The affection, care, and security that he provides is immense. I’m so sorry about your tremendous loss. May the soul of your Father rest in peace.”
“Remembering the positive effect he had on people’s lives. Truly, he was a decent guy. May God grant him the strength to bear the loss.”
“I may not be able to grasp what you are actually going through. But I want you to know that we are there for you all the time.”
“When I heard the sad news, I was surprised. May God see you through this tough time.”

Condolence Messages for Father Death

There are many ways of consoling a child on the death of his father. A condolence note can easily express your feelings for the depressed soul. Sometimes we don’t find words to console a person but when we send a condolence message we get a better way to console someone on the loss. You can add the importance of a father in the condolence note by telling the child his father’s good doings and all of the efforts which his father did for him.

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It is very difficult to articulate what a child faces when he losses his dad but when we try to console him we get many better ideas to make him relax. Like we can plan a holiday with the child and make him feel relax for some time. On the same day, we can tell him some different good incidents of his dad so that this will apparently create a cute smile on the child’s face.

Condolence notes should be simple and good. He should not use any fancy words to console a sad soul. Instead of this, we can use simple and beautiful words to make the opposite person relax and comfortable. Our condolence words will not relieve the pain of a person completely but for sure it can help to some extent. We can console someone at the loss of a father by adding some beautiful pictures of the past years in the condolence messages.

Saying condolence messages by meeting the person is more useful than sending it by some social media application. The child or the person who lost his father can get more emotionally relax when we share the sympathy notes by meeting them with a warm hug and some flowers.

Condolence Messages on Death of Father

“In this time of sadness, my heart goes out to you.”
“May your father’s soul be at peace with God.”
“I extend my deepest condolences to you for the loss of your father. May God grant you the power to resist a sudden shock.”
“It is my prayer that, during this sad time, our Lord will grant you and your family the much-needed peace. I sympathize with you and your family.”
“Do not let your heart be filled with the sorrow of his passing. Instead, fill it up with his good recollections and hold him alive as long as you can.”
“I am very sad to hear about your father’s death. May our prayer help console you, and may our heartfelt condolences be acknowledged.”
“He was a good father, a good husband, a good companion, and a good friend. May his soul rest in the Lord’s bosom.”
“It’s difficult to forget to recall the sweet time and memories with him. I know how near you are to your dad. To support, we’re still here. In grace, may his soul rest?”
“To extend my condolences to your family for the death of your father.”
“I was saddened to learn about the death of your father. So soon, he left us, and we’ll surely miss him.”
“I know how it feels for someone really dear to you to lose. But the fact is, we can’t stay here forever, and we have to go back home. In grace, may his soul rest?”
“God may give you the strength to come out of this difficult time. To avoid worse events, only keep your faith high and your hope alive. On Earth, he led a decent life. He can not be forgiven, ever.”
“I know how hard it is for you to be calm when you lose your dad, but for him, you just have to stay strong. He was a person’s diamond. In grace, may his soul rest?”
“By heart and soul, he was a decent man. With you are my prayers.”
“Your father was a wonderful man who, in no small way, touched my life, and that’s why I seem to put into words how absolutely heartbroken I am. He may have left us, but he’ll stay in my heart forever.”
“I totally apologize for your loss. May God Himself comfort you and give you the strength to conquer this very hard time. Keep strong for me, please.”
“It’s hard to believe that Dad is forever gone. But in our hearts and memories, he will continue to stay alive. May his humble soul rest happily and peacefully for all eternity in the bosom of his Maker.”
“It’s unbelievably sad to know there’s no dad anymore. He will be remembered for his devotion to the work of God forever.”
“To believe this, it’s so sad. Dad requires it, though, to encourage him to go to heaven. While in this world he is no longer with us, thoughts of him will never leave our memories behind. His good works will be remembered forever. May God bestow his soul with blessings.”
“As you mourn your dad’s death, my heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family. In a special way, may the heavens console you and help you overcome this very sad time.”
“Although it is difficult to consider circumstances such as these, always note that God knows what is best for His children. Will you quickly recover from this. Accept my sincere condolences, please. “
“At this very difficult time, may God be with you and the entire family. You’re in my prayers and feelings, my friend. Never forget that, please.”
“I just want you to know that my heart is overflowing at this moment in time with sorrow over the demise of your father. I understand how you feel and I hope that, as soon as possible, God will replace your sorrow with blessings and laughter.”
“Words do not fully describe how sorry I am for your father’s sudden demise. I pray that God will embrace his soul and keep him safe until all of us in heaven meet again.”
“He was a good friend and a loving dad who had a great sense of humor. I loved him so much, and while he is no longer with us, I will continue to love him. He may be dead to the world, but I think he’s heaven, sitting next to God and smiling at us.”

Condolence Messages on Death of Father

We have discussed different ideas of sending condolence messages on the loss of father. You can choose the correct one according to the relationship with the person. These sympathy notes will not give them complete relief but for sure they can feel relax to some extent. We can never give them the replacement of the hero whom they lost but we can try our level best to make them feel comfortable with our words and good actions.

Condolence messages are used to console someone so you should use it perfectly and at the perfect time. It is just a few words so do not waste the time when you feel that it is the right time to console someone on the heavy loss just take some time and visit the person with some beautiful condolence messages.

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