100 + Messages of Condolences for Loss of A Daughter

Messages of Condolences for Loss of A Daughter

Words Of Consolation For Loss Of a Daughter

A daughter is a bundle of firsts that excite and delight, giggles that come from deep inside and are always contagious, everything wonderful and precious, and your love for her knows no bounds.

In this article, we will tell you different ways of sending condolence messages on the loss of a daughter. Moreover, you will also get to know the role of a daughter in a family. Sending condolence messages is not really easy. It is more difficult than to wish someone on some happy occasion. We have to get some useful words to console someone at some heavy loss. Your words can be a medium to give someone comfort and peace. You can never replace their loss but you can help them to go through it with strength and courage.

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Messages of Condolences for Loss of a Daughter

“During this period, to extend our heartfelt condolences to you. With you are our prayers and blessings.”
“The agony you are going through can not be conveyed by any number of words. We give you love and prayers and hope that during this dark time you will be able to find courage.”
“The love and joy that was given to us by your child will never be forgotten. During this terrible moment, we are thinking about you and your family.”
“Your daughter has been a great inspiration to those around her. For the time that I did, I am lucky to have met her. With you are our prayers.”
“The big heart and personality of your child are infectious. During this time, my heart hurts for you and your colleagues.”
“Death leaves no one’s heartbreak to healing, love leaves no one’s memory to rob.”
“Words do not convey how sad we are to hear about the death of your daughter. Please note that you are in our daily minds, and your whole family.”
“I have heard the horrible news about the death of your daughter. I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to you and to let you know that you are in my prayers.”
“Please note that, in this tough moment, you have my heartfelt sympathies. I am so sorry about your daughter’s suffering.”
“For the loss of your daughter, I give you my sympathies. She was an incredible person, and she meant the world to me.”
“We have just heard the heartbreaking news of the death of your beloved daughter. Accept our heartfelt and deepest apologies, please.”
“Although it is never easy to miss a loved one, except when expected, it is most likely the most painful when they are taken from us too young. We give our deepest compassion for the loss of your beloved daughter. The feelings we have are During this most painful span of time, for you.”
“Please accept my heartfelt condolences with respect to your daughter’s death. She was such an incredible person, and I am profoundly saddened by her abrupt death. I know how close you two were to each other, and I know how this tragedy affected you to the heart. I want you to know that I’m going to be here to hold your hand and help you get through those bad days. I know it won’t be easy, but one day at a time, we’ll just take it.”
“I have just heard the most heartbreaking news about the death of your daughter. Accept my heartfelt sympathies, please. She had such a huge spirit, and she was known for her generosity and goodness. It’s only been a couple of days, so I still miss her terribly. Please encourage me to help if there is something I can do to assist you through this tough period.”
“You have my heartfelt sorrow for the loss of your beautiful daughter. This is the hardest moment, and it’s impossible to see through the anguish you experience. With time, I hope you can find some peace and consolation in the special memories you shared with your daughter. In all our lives, she was a bright, sparkling star, and today, and always, she will be missed.”
“We give our heartfelt condolences to your beautiful daughter for her loss. We know how much you need to grieve, and how much you need to miss it. During this hard moment, we will check up with you to see if there is something practical we can do to help you. Just note that there is nothing that we are not going to do to help and console you. You’re never by yourself.”
“Please accept my heartfelt sorrow for your daughter’s passing away. How close you were to her, and how much she loved her family, was obvious to everybody. Because of this devastating tragedy, I can’t imagine the agony and sorrow you experience. I can only hope that in your precious memories of her, and in recognizing that we all miss her, you can take some consolation too.”
“At this most demanding moment, you have our sincere condolences. Nothing is more painful than having an infant. If there’s something I can do to make life a bit more bearable for you, please note, I’m just a phone call away.”
“I give you my heartfelt condolences, along with all my affection, for the loss of your daughter. It is immensely difficult to lose a child-I can not even begin to understand the extent of your sorrow. I’ll be there in a heartbeat if you just need someone to sob, talk to, or just stay with you in silence.”
“I am sorry that your daughter isn’t with us anymore. Please accept my deepest apologies in respect to your loss. The most beautiful person I’ve ever met was your daughter. She was a nice friend, and to me, she was more like a sister. It hurts to realize I won’t be able to see her anymore, talk to her or spend time with her anymore. Yet I know that in the hearts of the people who loved her, she will live forever.”
“Word of the death of your daughter saddened our whole family. She was a beautiful lady, affectionate and loving, and it is impossible to believe that she is no longer in our lives. She has been a great blessing to our whole family, and to those who have been privileged to meet her. Please accept our most heartfelt condolences for your loss.”
“Please embrace our heartfelt condolences with respect to your daughter’s death. She was an incredible person and she had a brilliant sense of humor. We’re never going to miss her great smile. During this tough season, may your cherished memories support you and offer you comfort.”
“We give you our heartfelt condolences for your beloved daughter’s passing away. As you come to terms with your suffering, we wish you peace. Please know that you are surrounded by people who love you and who, through this tough period, want to help you. You don’t need to go alone on this path of sorrow.”
“Please embrace our sincere condolences about your daughter’s passing. To me, she was always a good friend. I will always remember how faithful she was, and how she will always go the extra mile to support those in need. She always spoke about how much her parents meant to her. All who knows her feels he or she is fortunate and privileged.”
“I am writing to you today to share my heartfelt sorrow for your daughter’s suffering. From the way back, I met your daughter and I can honestly tell she was one of the greatest people I’ve ever known. She was my closest friend, and I will always cherish my memories of her as a sister.”

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Our words play a vital role in consoling someone who is really depressed or suffered some loss. It will not completely heal the pain but for sure it can heal it to some extent. Losing a child is something that we really can not bear. It is the most sorrowful grief for a person. You can change the situation by adding some good words which can surely give the opposite person comfort and relief.

When talking about a daughter we come to know that a daughter is the most caring and loving person in the family. She loves her family the most and never hurt them. She makes everything possible to make her family smile. The happiness of her family is the most important thing for her. She knows the real value of life and as well as family.

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A daughter is the best friend of a mother and as well as she is the best companion of her father. Her parents love her the most in the world. When we have a daughter in life we feel relax with different aspects of life. She cares for us and loves us unconditionally. A daughter scarifies her happiness to give complete comfort to the family. She plays the role of a mother for her siblings. Moreover, she keeps herself engaged to give peace to her parents.

Condolence Messages for Loss of a Daughter

“We can’t imagine the sadness you would have at the passing of your daughter. Please embrace our most heartfelt condolences. We hope you can take a measure of consolation in learning that she was an extraordinary girl who brought a great deal of joy to others’ lives. Knowing her was a real gift, and the wonderful moments we spent with her will always be treasured.”
“We give our heartfelt sympathies to your daughter for her loss. It is indescribably unbearable and agonizing what you go through, but never doubt that God is nearest to the broken-hearted. I share your sorrow and hope that God will offer you healing and comfort.”
“The special moments that you and your daughter had, nothing will take away. I know it never stops with sorrow like this, but she was someone you genuinely and profoundly loved. She really loved you and loved having you as a dad. Can God grant you the wisdom to accept what has transpired and the serenity to continue to live? Just note that I am still here with you.”
“I am so sad for your beloved daughter’s death, and I hope you know that in these tough times, I pray that God will grant you His grace, consolation, and strength. Do note that God is closest when life is darkest. He’s really there to take care of you. Let me know, please, if there’s something I can do to make it simpler. In any way that I can, I would love to help.”
“A glorious Deity is our Deity. He is stronger than our worst fears and our darkest sorrows. I know your confidence is strong, and I hope that through this tough period, you will be able to cling to him. Now as always, Heaven is with you, as holds you in His everlasting embrace.”
“Please acknowledge our heartfelt condolences for your daughter’s suffering. I hope that, when you face the darkness of your suffering and sadness, the light of the love of God will shine upon you. Know that you shall never be forsaken by Heaven. Since you are His child and He is your Dad, He will always look after you. Will you be blessed with the peace and security you need in your life.”
“Your daughter was a gorgeous person. So she’s an angel now. Please note that we are thinking about you and if you need us, we are here.”
“Just note in this moment of great sorrow that we love you. We’re here if there’s anything you need.”
“To relieve suffering, there are no words. Your daughter was a marvelous influence in the universe. She has transformed the lives of millions. We are so glad that we have come to know her.”
“Her life was brief here on earth, but her influence was magnificent. The spirit of [the name] came to do wonderful things here. And she did excel.”
“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of her life. I will always cherish my memories of her. Wishing happiness to you at this time of pain.”
“When our hearts break, they break open. I’m here with you and I wish you peace on this journey of sorrow.”
“During this painful and difficult time, may God keep you and your loved ones. Can you receive comfort and healing as you mourn your daughter’s death? I feel your pain, and I am going to pray that you can stay strong and brave.”
“You are great parents, and you were so blessed with your daughter. Her sun is glowing back on you both.”
The death of your daughter fills me with deep sorrow, for she was such a beautiful and kind girl. I recall all the places you were hoping to go, all the ideas you were trying to do together, and all the hopes you had for her. In this rough moment, may God lift you up, and may His faithful promise keep you going forward, no matter how hard it gets.
“I dream about you. In whatever capacity you need, I’m here for you.”
“Even though my gentle and kind words will not be able to take away your pain or bring back the daughter you have lost, I always hope that in these simple words you will find peace and comfort. My most sincere condolences.”
“It’s all right to feel sad and sob. Trust and allow yourself to grieve through your emotions. Wishing you grace in pain.”
“During these painful times, may God keep you and your loved ones and give you comfort as you mourn your beautiful daughter’s loss.”
“As a mom, I feel your pain. Please don’t hesitate to tell me if there is something that I can do to make the pain a little more bearable. You are all in my prayers and thoughts.”
“Our family expresses to your family our sincere sympathy and heartfelt condolences. We’re really here for you.”
“On earth, your daughter was an angel, and now she is an angel in heaven. Because of how good she was to everyone, she will be missed so much. I am very fortunate to have had the privilege of knowing her. I was hurt by your defeat. I’m going to pray for you and everyone she left behind.”
“You are great parents and you have been so blessed with your daughter. Her light is shining down upon you both.”
I share your sorrow over your lovely daughter’s loss. Too fast, she was taken away from us, and we didn’t all see this coming. May God send you the peace and comfort you need, and may you have faith that you will be carried through by His love for you.
“I’m worried about you. In whatever capacity you need, I am here for you.”
“One day, we will remember that we are just fortunate to meet them, to be loved by them, and to love them. With love and wonder, we will remember them and not with sorrow. During this sad and tough time, my heart goes out to you.”
“Being sad and crying is all right. Trust in your feelings and allow yourself to grieve. To wish you grace in your pain.”
“I am still in a state of shock over what happened to your daughter. She was such a special kid with a whole life ahead of her. You are in my prayers and feelings. Know that you are cherished and that all of us are here to provide you with the support you need.”
“Our family extends our sincere sympathy to your family and heartfelt condolences. We are still here for you.”
“The legacy is permanent. In the hearts of the many lives that she touched, she will live on.”
“Your sweet daughter’s compassion will live on. She was an unbelievable soul. On each of us, her light will shine down.”
“When we think of your beautiful daughter who was taken away from us too soon, we are filled with deep sorrow. In our hearts, she has left a mark, and she will never be forgotten. May God bless you with the grace of facing the rough days ahead without her.”
“Your sweet daughter’s compassion will live on. She was an unbelievable soul. On each of us, her light will shine down.”
“It feels so heavy in my heart. Words can’t begin to describe how sad I am for your family and for you. I am for you here.”
“Keep you close to my side. I’m here to help you with whatever you need, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.”

Condolence Messages for Loss of a Daughter

She is the one who deals with her family as her mother does. She takes care of every little thing in the house. Her siblings and her parents feel really proud to have her just because of her intense level of care and love. A daughter is a girl who understands the unspoken words of her parents. She is focused on things that are good for her family. So, when a person loses a daughter he lost the one whose love is unconditional and pure.

There is no other replacement for a daughter. When we lose a daughter we basically lose our best friend and the one who admires us the most. Daughter is basically our source of happiness. She makes us happy when we are sad and she stands by us when nobody else does. She gives us the strength to live life confidentially.

Daughters are the shoulder of parents. She thinks for her family more than she thinks for herself. She knows the values of life and family. A daughter is the only person who compromises her happiness to make her family. When a person loses a daughter he or she basically loses her strength and the reason for happiness. A person is gone forever who knows the true meaning of life. When we face the death of a daughter we bear the saddest grief of life.

Condolence messages are used to console someone who is facing deep grief in life. We can use condolence messages to make someone comfortable when they are facing the saddest moment of life. There is no other better way of consoling someone rather than sending them simple and deep sympathy notes. These types of messages are sent to friends and family to make them feel that you are equally participating in this sorrow.

Condolence Messages for Daughter Death

“In this moment of pain and loss, I stand by you. I know that there’s so much loss and the suffering is unbearable. May God be with you now, when you are at your lowest level, and may God take you through the unbearable pain of losing your beloved daughter.”
“Knowing her was such an honor. They will live on in their memories and they will never be forgotten.”
“At this tough moment, I am thinking of you. When you need a shoulder to cry on, please know I’m here for you.”
“For the loss of your daughter, I give you my deepest sympathies. Her elegance, her intellect, her sense of humor, and her kind heart brought so much happiness to everyone. We’ll all miss her terribly, and no one in our hearts will ever replace her.”
“I wish that I could take away some of your pain. I am for you here, and I love you. When you need anything at all, please reach out.”
“There is no suffering that is greater than a child’s loss. May Heaven, in grace, rests her soul, and may you find the strength and courage to bear the suffering of this loss. My most sincere condolences.”
“It was a huge blessing for your daughter to have you as her parents. They were kind people, and they will live on their legacy.”
“Writing about the death of your daughter has been heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the agony you’re going through at the moment. My condolences and my heartfelt sympathies can only be offered to you. Know that you are not alone and that you can always rely on me to do something and be there for you.”
“We keep you very close to our hearts. When you need something, day or night, we are here. Don’t hesitate to call, please.”
“Just note that I am really thinking about you. I’m just a phone call away from here. No matter the time of day, I’m here for you.”
“Please remain strong and courageous at this time of grief. Life needs to move on, and so you do. One day at a time, take it. My thoughts are with you, and my prayers.”
“The lives of many were touched by her. I am thankful to have named contact of theirs. I’m always going to remember their bright smile, their loving spirit.”
“In my heart, I promise to always keep her memory alive. Here is one of my favorite memories of her, a memory that I will cherish forever.”
“I know there isn’t anything I can say to drive the pain away. But please know that I’m here for you, regardless of what you need.”
“Never will the bond you and your daughter share be broken, not even by death. Your daughter’s grief is felt by so many and our lives will be changed forever by her passing away. In our hearts, she will always be. When you face the toughest days ahead, we are praying for strength and courage.”
“During this horrible time, you are in our thoughts and prayers. If you need us, we’re here!”
“I wish that I had the right words to relieve the pain you feel. I know words aren’t going to be enough to make you feel better. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your suffering. My thoughts are with you, and my prayers.”
“There are no words that can describe the pain and sorrow we feel for your daughter’s loss. They’ll be missed tremendously.”
“Your daughter has cemented her place in the hearts of a lot of people. With her abrupt death, we experience an immense loss. We share your suffering and your sorrow. Our love and our prayers are with you and with all of your family.”
“Words can seem meaningless, but please know that I’m constantly thinking about you. You have my deepest condolences.”
“Maybe it was a short life, but it was a well-lived life. Your daughter was one of the greatest people I have ever known, and even now that she’s gone, she has never stopped inspiring people. Even though we are profoundly grieving her passing, I hope that in the days to come, the love of family and friends will bring you along.”
“At this time, there are no correct terms. We just wanted you to know that whatever you need, you have our full support.”
“I know there’s no way for me to cure your heart and get your daughter back. But I hope you’ll be all right and take it one day at a time. If you need someone to have a chat with, I’m right here. Take note.”
“We are so incredibly sorry about your suffering. Know that we’re only a phone call away.”
“We are celebrating a good friend’s life, a caring sister, a precious grandchild, and a lovely daughter. We’ll miss her terribly, and we’ll always love her. Let her beautiful memories hold the light in your hearts, and may the love of friends and family give you the peace and comfort you are seeking.”
“A kid is with us still. First in their lives, then in our memories forever.”
“May we always recall, short as the life of your daughter was the happiness that your daughter gave to each one of us. For the loss of your only sibling, please accept my deepest sympathies.”
“We give you our love and heartfelt prayers to find the strength you need each day to get through.”
“I hope you find the strength to help you get through this horrific tragedy with loved ones and family.”
“We will all miss this beautiful and precious girl who, meaningfully, but briefly, lived among us. During this stressful and sad time, my heart goes out to you and your entire family.”
“For your suffering, please accept our deepest condolences. In time, we hope you can find some sort of peace and comfort.”
“During this tough time, I’m thinking of you and praying for you. As you mourn your daughter’s death, remember that if you ever need anything, I’m just here for you. I love you, and this is what I will help you get through.”
“There is no pain, I think, deeper than losing a child. At this most challenging moment, my heart and prayers go out to you.”
“I genuinely consider myself fortunate because I know your daughter. She was a wonderful kid, with a big heart and a ready smile. She was just so happy to be around, always willing to support and put a smile on the faces of everyone. This just highlights just how amazing her parents are. In this most difficult time, my heart goes out to you. When you need me, I promise to be there for you.”
“For your awful loss, we are sincerely sorry. It is heartbreaking to lose a child. For you and your colleagues, our heartaches.”
“Life doesn’t make sense, and it’s just heartbreaking to lose someone so close, like your baby. Her humor and candor, her infectious smile, and her rambunctious laughter will be missed. It is her caring presence and thoughtful disposition that we will miss. We want you to know we’re always going to be here to give you any kind of help you need. Everything you’re going to have to do is call.”
“Those we love are not gone. Every day, they walk alongside us. Invisible, unheard of, but still close. Still loved, always missed and very dear, still missed.”
“My words are never going to be adequate to express the sorrow I feel for your loss. But I hope you can take some comfort from realizing that I’m thinking of and about you there.”
“The agony you are going through can not be conveyed by any words. My prayer is that God will help you to face the coming days ahead.”
“She looked like you very much. She reminded me so so much of you. Your daughter was a beautiful young woman indeed. I can’t imagine the agony you’ll have to go through. But I hope you know I’m only here if there’s anything you ever need.”
“For your suffering, I’m so sorry. During this terrible time, I can only promise to be with you and hopefully have a shoulder to weep at a source to draw strength from”
“I just wish there was anything I could do or say to reduce the discomfort. In my thoughts and prayers, you will be”

Condolence Messages for Daughter Death

When a parent losses their child they basically lost the most important part of their life. Our words will never make them feel completely okay but to some extent, it can surely give comfort for a short period of time. So, when you hear the news of someone’s death you should plan a visit to the person’s house, and if you are not able to visit and send some condolence messages to make their mind relax and okay.

We can never feel the actual pain of the person who lost his family member until we go through it. All we can do is that we can try our level best to send some useful condolence words that can console them for some time. By writing condolence messages you have to be simple in your words because simple words attract a person more than some fancy words. Your words play a good role to encourage them and make them feel that they have to live their life strongly for other family members.

There are many different ways of consoling someone on the loss of a daughter. You can plan something special for the family who is facing deep sorrow with a lot of different things like flowers some gifts and along with their friends. This way they will surely make their selves relax for some time. Our little effort can make a smile on their face so should try something better to make it possible.

Condolence Messages on Death of Daughter

“I’ll be there whenever you feel ready to chat or want some business. I am so profoundly sorry that you need to go through this.”
“I know there is no suffering that is deeper and more far-reaching than a daughter’s loss. I know it’s not enough for my words to express my sorrow or to ease your suffering. I want you to know that, in your pain and your sorrow, I am one of you. At this very sad moment, my heart goes out to you. I’m going to pray for you and for your family.”
“As you mourn the loss of your child, may you find comfort in God and the power he brings. My prayers alone will be for you.”
“We know that the pain may appear as it has faded over time and life has returned to normal. But behind that, a lifetime of memories and sorrow will last. We apologize so much for your loss.”
“I am so sorry for your precious baby girl’s suffering. I know that nothing I say will make it better, and I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through, but please know, she was loved by everyone even before she was born. She’s a stunning star, a star that’s always going to be in our hearts and memories.”
“We are greatly saddened by your loss. The memories of the times we spent together will be cherished. At this time of mourning, we are with you.”
“Words can’t describe how sorry we are for losing you. Please know that in our constant thoughts, you and your entire family are.”
“Your daughter has been a blessing to us, and she is genuinely going to be missed. It’s hard to believe that she’s no longer with us, but her sweet smile, her infectious laughter, and her warm hugs will always be cherished by me. As you go through this very tough time of your life, I am praying for your strength and courage. I will be with you to provide you with the support and motivation you receive.”
“Your little girl will be in our hearts forever, her legacy eternal to those who knew her. Stay powerful and know that we’re here for you.”
“I’m really in shock because of the loss. She was so precious to our family that we are going to miss her dearly. During this horrible time, our hearts go out to you and your family.”
“This is news that is really heartbreaking. I know how much your daughter loved you, and I know that she was the light of your life. For the loss of a daughter, I share your sorrow, so beautiful, so smart, so kind, and so sweet. You still have my shoulder to cry on, and my arms to hold you together.’
“To you and your family, my condolences. Life does not make sense and it’s devastating to lose someone as young and loving as [name]. We’re going to miss her immensely.”
“For your loss, we are sincerely sorry. For you and your colleagues, our hearts ache. She was a fantastic person and we’re going to miss her terribly.”
“Little I can say is going to help relieve the pain, but your daughter was a beautiful woman whose warmth and good nature touched everything she knew. Without her in it, I can’t imagine the future. I apologize for your loss.”
“Words say nothing, but a generous spirit for your daughters will build memories for all of us to treasure. Her loss is tragic and we’re deeply sorry for her loss.”
“No one knows why horrible things are happening to those who are so innocent and whose lives have barely started. It will have to stay the frustrating mystery it is for now.”
“We are so sorry to hear your daughter’s news. You and (the name of your daughter) are in our thoughts and our prayers.”
“A suffering that can not be described by words is losing a daughter as wonderful as yours. I’m so sad to hear about what was going on with her. May God grant you the confidence and power to move forward. I know this is a stressful time. Keep your confidence, please, and know that we are all here for you.”
“Words do not convey how profoundly sorry I am to hear about it (the name of the daughter). For your suffering, my sincere condolences.”
“With you and your whole families are our thoughts and prayers. May your beautiful memories support you through this tough season and offer you comfort.”
“It fills my heart with sorrow. Please accept our deepest sympathies and know that during this time, my prayers are with you.”
“I wish I had words to relieve your pain, but I know that words just don’t suffice. It was such a beautiful blessing to your daughter, and my heart breaks for you for your tremendous loss. Please accept my condolences and know that in my thoughts and prayers you are. If you ever need something, I’ll be here just for you.”
“Might memories of (the name of the daughter) sustain and reinforce you as you navigate the rough days ahead? Accept our condolences please.”
“Your daughter was a beautiful girl indeed. She had a spirit of joy that touched everyone who met her. We feel very fortunate that we have been able to meet her, and we will dearly miss her.”
“I’m sorry to hear about your beautiful daughter’s tragedy. She’s really been a true joy to be around. We’re never going to forget her sweet smile.”
“In my classroom, I have such fond memories of your daughter. She was always one of the first students to lift her hand and had no fear of speaking in front of the class. Even though I have only known her for a short time, I will miss her marvelous spirit greatly.”
“I met her for the first time when we rode the bus together to school. We both loved our drama lessons, and she was one of our school choir’s best singers. She always was a kind soul, and I will always regard her as one of my closest friends.”
“For the short time I’ve known her, your daughter really made a difference. Inside and out, she was a beautiful girl. I know how proud you really are of her. I can’t even begin to understand how much you’re suffering right now, but I hope you will get some comfort from this letter. I will be praying for your family and for you.”
“She was a profoundly beautiful soul who, beyond her years, was wiser. She made me feel like I was part of the family, and she shared with me so much of what she had. I can’t trust that she’s gone, and I can’t trust how much it hurts. I’ve lost a close friend who was almost like a sister to me, but you’ve lost a daughter who was your life’s sun. I’m so sorry, really, and I wish I could make the pain go away. But right now, all I can do is be with you and your family and, one day at a time, help you get through it.”
“This wonderful child, who made us laugh, made us cry, and made us believe in magic, will all be missed. Even though we had her for such a short time, she really made a difference in our lives. She was stunning, kind, and strong. Until the very end, she was courageous. At this sad time, our hearts are with you and your loved ones and we give you our prayers.”
“How sad I am to hear about your daughter can be conveyed in no words. I know how much you loved her and how much she loved you. So precious was the love you shared, and I know it’s the same love that’s going to take you through the darkest and most difficult days. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, someone to share a cup of coffee with, or just someone to sit in silence with, I’ll be here for you.”

Condolence Messages on Death of Daughter

Sending the beautiful pictures of the past year of their daughter along with a deep condolence note is also a very good way. This try will make them happy and they will surely feel okay for some time. Letting them know that their daughter is watching them somewhere with the Lord can also make them relax.

We can never give a good replacement for the loss which someone is actually facing by losing someone. All we can do is we can try our level best to make them happy and relax with our little efforts and along with some useful condolence notes. In this context, we have discussed different ways of consoling someone on their heavy loss. You can choose the right one according to your relationship with that person and make them relax for some time.

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