100 + Messages of Condolences for Loss of A Child

condolence messages for loss of child

Words Of Consolation For Loss Of a Child

The power of words is that life can be launched with as little as a single phrase, an uplifting word, or an act of kindness. Think of the power we wield and the impact we can make if we become more intentional about encouraging our children. Our words are often the very things that help create future dreams. And sometimes those dreams are to be just like us.

In this article, you will get to know the importance of a child in a family and towards the parents. Moreover, you will also get highlighted with the different ways of consoling someone who has lost their child and going through some strong pain. You, Will, Get the Deepest condolence messages for loss of child. Losing someone is the saddest grief that anyone can face ever. We can not feel the pain of the person who has lost their loved ones until and unless we go through the pain.

When we lose a member of our family we basically lost the entire happiness of life. Every person has their own importance in our heart. We cannot replace someone’s love and care with any other one. Death is the reality of life and everyone has to face it. We feel very disturbed when we lost our family members. We don’t find peace in anything.

Moreover, we always look for a shoulder who can make us comfortable with their words of condolence and comfort. We always need someone at this time of grief who understands our pain and who really knows who to deal with someone who lost their loved ones.

Messages of Condolences for Loss of Child

“Your child was a funny and charming person. He was a great friend and a great guy at the same time. I will always remember the times we spent together joking and laughing.”

“I’m shocked and saddened to hear about your child’s loss. He was always our weekly game night’s star player, and we would all struggle to have him in our team. His big smile we will never forget.”

“As a person who would always go the extra mile, I remember your child fondly. I’ll miss his exceptional spirit greatly.”

“Your child has always been a kind friend of mine. I have always loved him and looked up to him in class as a role model. He always spoke about how much his parents meant to him. He was respected by everyone who had met him.”

“At our annual company picnic, I really liked seeing you and your child communicate with each other. You had such a comfortable friendship and I could say you were very happy to spend time together. I will remember him affectionately, although we have only met occasionally; my prayers are with you.”

“I am profoundly saddened and hurt by this news. How can fate be so hard on you? I apologize for reading this painful news. May the soul of your son rest in peace, Keep strong for your household, This hour will pass in life as well.”

“Your little one’s footprints will make it, Stay always in your heart Today I am in your heart. Know that he is no longer part of you, Feeling sorry for your family and you. A tiny bud was plucked too soon, too soon. From the Life Garden To you and your family, deepest condolences.”

“It is difficult to imagine that your little angel is no longer there. I recall the innocent smile that she had on her face. When I met her a week ago, How could fate be so harsh? Stay strong, please, as I pray that yours. will Rest in everlasting harmony, little one’s soul.”

“The death of your little one has left a deep hole in my heart, Now I don’t know how you’re ever going to conquer this testing time, Just stay strong at this hour, as we are all with you. Of sorrow, I pray to the Almighty for his soul to rest in everlasting peace.”

“My heartfelt sorrow for your loving child’s demise. In front of fate and God’s wishes, we are all powerless. May you be willing, with loving support from your family and friends, to conquer this time of grief. During this time, we are all with you. May the soul of your child rest in peace.”

“I know life will never be the same for you again, it’s heartbreaking and difficult to lose a child, but you have to move on to all the lovely memories you’ve had of your child. To you and your family, my sincere condolences. Keep strong for the family as well.”

“I’m still in a state of shock with every bit of my heart going out to you. I know it’s really hard for you. Losing a child is something you can’t imagine. In this difficult moment, a time that will definitely pass with pain, I stand with you. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family.”

“All of my deepest prayers are with you. Could I say I’m standing there with you,This is surely the most demanding time for you. I’m sorry to hear about your child’s loss . This is the toughest time, but remaining strong is all I can suggest. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Nothing will take away your pain.”

“My words are not going to give in to your suffering. I know this is a difficult time for you. I know you’re not able to do so but sorrow has certainly made a way for you. I feel bad about your news. The death of a child is not so easy to cope with. To you and your family, my sincere condolences.”

“A pain so intense that words won’t heal, no sense left to see, I know I knowA child’s loss is a big loss. Sorry to hear about your child’s tragedy, this will never really go on. When I write to you that you must say strong for your family, my heart breaks, And your deceased child, My heartfelt condolences are with you.”

“The suffering is heartbreaking, and the face of your child is still before me.It’s so innocent and full of joy. In this lifetime, no one should ever face this moment. We all have to bow to what is destined, so sorry to read about the painful loss. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Please remain strong for your family.”

“I was shocked to no end by the news, How can fate be so serious Losing a child is not a sorrow you can forget. Yet think of the good memories you’ve been through. Death and life, My heartfelt condolences to you and your kin, are all in the hand of Heaven. Keep strong please.”

“It’s very painful to lose a boy, a loss that can’t be healed with wordsI’m so sorry to hear about your child’s loss. Can God give you the strength to emerge from this difficult process? Keep confidence, please, as it’s a difficult time for you to cope. To you and your family, my sincere condolences.”

“A hole will forever be in our souls. In life, losing a child is never easy. May God grant you the strength to resolve this difficult time. Will you come out of this with your will, our heartfelt condolences in this tough hour of sorrow for your family and you.”

“It’s hard to lose a child. Nobody should ever experience this in life. To express my grief, my words are truly insufficient. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family in this hour of sorrow. Keep strong and with time, this too will pass.”

“May the soul of your child rest in peace. Your child had such a beautiful smile that it would spark the whole room. The loss is immense and I also know that you will be shaken to the heart, but you will retain your trust in God. In grace, may your child rest?”

“Often things only happen in a minute. We just keep staring at the situation helplessly. Since the moment I heard about your brother, I’ve been in a state of shock, feeling bad and tears in my eyes. Hold your power in time, this too will pass, this too will be enough. In this hour of sorrow, God bless you.”

“This love is all I can give in your hour of sorrow. I know that you have ample cause to weep. The cause was profound and the loss was difficult. I felt the same pain as you did in life. This time too will pass, so hold on, may the soul of your child rest in peace.”

“I know that you have reason enough to sob for all I can give in your hour of grief. Like you did in life, I felt the same pain. The cause was profound, and the loss was painful. This time too will pass, so hold on, may the soul of your child rest in peace.”

“Often, due to causes we never expected in life, confidence gets shaken. With the loss of your boy, I know your confidence has been shaken. But with all the individuals around you, you have to keep your dream alive. To remain powerful and hang on. May God bless you and your child in heaven from up there.”

Messages of Condolences for Loss of Child

When a person lost their child, they lost the entire happiness of their life. They lose their reason of smile and the sparkle of their eyes. A person feels really disturbed when they lost their beloved child. They don’t find peace in work or anything else. Moreover, when someone loses their child then a huge number of blessings of the Lord are gone forever from them. This is because a child is the greatest blessings and the second name of God’s love. We can never find a better replacement for our child.

The loss of a child is the worst and very bad incident in a parent’s life. It is the most sorrowful reality of life and we can never go through it so easily. We have to be strong and easy for our other family members. When the parents lost their child, they basically lost their promises that the couple made with each other. We Provide Many Types Of Carefully Chosen Words in form of condolence messages for loss of child for people who wants to console their loved ones in this tragic time.

The partners lost the happiness of life and the most beautiful relationship and bounding that kept them together. It is the most difficult time for the parents and they need a lot of courage to go through this pain. A child’s loss cannot be compared with any other loss. We need a lot of mental support to get through this pain in less time.

The grief which we face when we lose our child is the saddest grief that lasts for a complete lifetime. We never stop thinking of our child for not even a second in our life. We miss them badly and we never find peace in anything else. The relationship between a child and the parents are unique and beautiful. Their love is unconditional and pure.

A child is the strongest medium for their parents with the help of which the parents get through the worst phase of life in a very easy way. For a parent, their child is the most beautiful and worth able thing they can ever get. They always pray for their child happiness and long life. It is very difficult to face the sorrow and problem of our child.

Condolence Messages for Loss of Child

“Losing a child is a trauma that over time, will never heal. It’s a pain that will forever linger in your heart. It feels bad to hear this but life has to go on… In this hour of sorrow, there I am, standing right behind you. God bless your family, and may you rest in peace with your child.”

“Since hearing about your child, I have been in a state of shock. This is such a bad piece of news. In this difficult moment, I stand by you. In life, Fate could play some other part and give you a reason to live. Please be strong and hold on in life this too will pass.”

“It’s just sad to lose someone who’s so small. For those around you, your child was a great inspiration. I know I don’t have words to show that this is very difficult, but I stand with you in this hour of grief. May God bless your deceased boy, for he lay in peace there.”

“The news is heartbreaking, and the suffering is irreparable. I really can’t believe we’ve lost a child who was so bright and sharp. We’re going to miss your lovely child awfully. As we are there to express your sorrow, please have the courage to cope. Bless your family by God.”

“This loss is profound and the state of mind can never be restored in life. My heart and my prayers go out to you. I feel so lucky to have met someone like your baby. May God bless his soul as he rests above in peace. He was a gem of a human. In the Almighty’s shelter.”

“It is not possible to fix your loss with words. The loss is far too profound.I know you feel very low. I can only share your pain with you in this difficult moment. May God bless you and your family, and may the soul of your child rest in peace.”

“Your failure is something that left suffering in vain. Please restrain your tears.May the soul of your little one rest in peace. Take note.”

“Sorry to hear the news about the loss of a boy. Feeling both sad and surprised,May God grant you the will, My sincere condolences on the death of your beloved boy, to get out of this situation.”

“Sorry to hear about the loss of your little ones, no words for the emotions so painful can be used. So, again very sorry, may his soul rest in peace.”

“Keep strong because you have to, and in this hour of sorrow, God will be with you. I do apologize for the child’s loss. My most sincere condolences.”

“We are extremely saddened to hear news of a child’s loss. With time, may this wound heal. We’re sorry about your child’s loss.”

“Shocked to hear this news, I apologize for your child’s loss. It’ll all be perfect. Just stay strong, May His Soul Rest in Peace.”

“Saddened to hear about your beloved child’s sudden death. May his soul rest in the peace of heaven above, blessed by God.”

“Words cannot satisfy the absence of the spirit, but at this time of sorrow, our prayers are with you. Sorry to learn about a child’s death.”

“In this hour of mourning, you are in my thoughts, so saddened to hear of your child’s sudden demise. Take care please, Rest in Peace. It’s very sad to hear about a child’s death.”

“Please accept my sincere condolences for the death of your beloved child. Sorry to hear this news. For you may God be.”

“I am sorry to hear about your child’s loss. Now, there’s nothing else that I can do. With the exception of being with you in this hour of sorrow, be strong.”

“Your baby was an angel and is back in heaven now. The spot for angelsI’m so sad to hear about your child’s loss.”

“No words in your heart can relieve the pain. No wounds can be as deep as yours. Time will help you cope with the same thing, and I’m here to share the pain with you. I’m so sorry to hear about your child’s loss.”

“You are very fortunate that you have an angel to give birth to. I’m sure the baby is already sitting on God’s lap in heaven.”

“I probably can’t bring them back. But if you ever need someone to speak to, I just want you to know that I’m always there for you. Please accept my heartfelt apology for your little one’s sad death. It’s very unfortunate to hear about child loss.”

“Our heartfelt sorrow for your child’s loss. In our thoughts and prayers, you are. Be patient, and we are still with you and your family.”

“But gentle words can not take away your loss, though. Still, today, we hope our prayers will help you. At this time, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are sorry for your child’s loss.”

“In order to lighten your pain, I wish I had words, but sometimes words are just not enough. Please accept my sincere condolences with respect to your child’s loss. You are in my prayers and feelings.”

“Your little one’s footprints are always going to remain in your heart. I am todayKnow that he is no longer a part of you. A little bud from the Garden of Life was plucked too soon. To you and your family, heartfelt condolences.”

Condolence Messages for Loss of Child

We can not go through the minor problem of our child that’s why when someone hears the news of their child’s death, they are lost completely. They can not face this grief alone because the source of happiness from their life is gone forever and their heart is divided into different pieces of sorrow and grief.

The person who loses their child expects a lot of mental support from their friends and family. They want to get through this grief with the help of their family and friends’ supports. A small word of condolence can heal their heart not completely but to some extent.

Condolence messages are used to send to make someone relax and easy at the time of some grief and depression. These messages are sent to our family and friends when they need our support and love. We can easily send some condolence messages by meeting the depressed soul or conveying them along with some flowers or some other gift. When you are planning to console someone, who has lost their child then you have to be strong enough because the loss of a child is the saddest grief in this world. No words can heal the pain of a person’s heart who is facing the loss of their child.

Condolence Messages for Child Death

“May Christ, the one who called himself to the little ones, hold your child in his arms until you are eternally reunited.”

“May the Spirit of God comfort you and your family as your precious child grieves.”

“Though we are mourning, we are not grieving in sorrow. For the resurrection of Christ has given us hope that we will be reunited in heaven with your child. Can we cling to hope for that?”

“The kind spirit and loving heart of your child will be missed by those who have met. A true symbol of confidence, hope, and devotion, she was. You’ve got our sincere condolences.”

“Our condolences on the passing of the beloved child of Heaven, your son. Take heart knowing that he is resting in his savior’s arms.”

“He was a ray of sunshine, a pleasure to learn, a God’s boy, and a friend to all. Your son has become a great treasure that will be missed. You’ve got our condolences for the loss of your child.”

“Our sorrow for your beloved child’s death. With his rod and his staff, may the Good Shepherd comfort you, as he leads him home to heaven.”

“I will never forget the love of your child for God and others. To those who knew him, he was truly an inspiration. In this season of sorrow, may God comfort you.”

“The unwavering confidence and optimistic outlook of your child in the face of so many challenges motivated everyone she met. Never will she be forgotten. You’ve got our sympathy.”

“May God’s peace, which surpasses all comprehension, bring you comfort as you grieve your beloved child’s loss. To those who had the pleasure of knowing him, he was an inspiration.”

“I have always appreciated the compassionate spirit and caring heart of your child. A true example of godliness, she was. During this time of mourning, you have our deepest sympathies.”

“I can not put into words the effect that your child had on me. He was still upbeat and by loving action, lived out his religion. Though he has left this world, he now rests in God’s presence.”

“On the passing of your beloved child, our heartfelt condolences. In the same arms of God that are now holding her, may you find comfort”

“Always loyal. Ever generous. Kind still. Through his caring spirit and encouraging thoughts, your child made his mark on the world. For having met and loved him, we are all better off.”

“The Spirit of God shone in the phrases, attitudes, and acts of your child. She has taught us how to live a life that will honor our lord. To we live up to her example of steadfast.”

“I have never forgotten the kindness your child has shown me. He lived so that the love of God was always on show. He is never going to be forgotten.”

“Your child, compassion, joy, goodwill, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control, was the kind of individual who lived the fruit of the Spirit. And those who knew her had an example that they were willing to emulate. Can we live up to her inheritance?”

“All who knew your child could attest to his optimistic attitude and compassionate nature. Since we knew him, we were stronger. You’ve got our sincere condolences.”

“While young, in your child’s life, God’s wisdom was so evident. She knew exactly what to say and when to say it all the time. Her love and compassion will forever stay with us.”

“The way your child lived his life, a life of kindness, faithfulness, and devotion, I will never forget. He has given us all an instance to obey. Can we accompany him home all the way?”

“The smile of your child was infectious and his heart encouraged everyone he met, including me. He’ll never be forgotten, even if he’s gone. You’ve got our sincere condolences.”

“Our sympathies for the death of your little child. She was a real gem that was infinitely worth more than gold, rubies, or pearls. May we never forget how she shone brilliantly.”

“Two small hands, two small feet, so little time with such a sweet one. Your darling little girl has passed away, but she’s never going to be forgotten.”

“His smile illuminated every space he ever entered. A stranger he never met. And anyone who encountered him went away feeling inspired. Your child is going to be dearly missed by everyone.”

“Your child was one of those remarkable persons, no matter how complicated they might be, who gets along with everybody. His caring heart was seen by everyone who knew him. You’ve got our sincere condolences.”

“Words do not describe the sadness that we felt when we learned of your child’s loss. He was a friend to all and a consistent symbol of compassion and honesty. With you, we grieve.”

Condolence Messages for Child Death

We have to use good words that have some power to make the parents relax for a short period of time. You can add up a lot of incidents and time which you spend with their child. This way they will feel happy by reading the condolence messages because it is wrapped with the past memories of their child. Along with this, you can also make your condolence note stronger by adding some beautiful pictures of your child.

This way their heart will surely find some peace by watching the pictures of their child. The sympathy notes have a lot of power to heal someone’s heart and on the same side, it can also hurt someone’s heart. So, you have to be focused on what you are writing to heal someone’s pain.

Condolence messages should be sent right after you hear the news of the death. This will leave a good impact on the family who is facing some type of loss. These messages are also sent according to the relationship but it is also better to send these messages by meeting the depressed soul and making them comfortable with our kind words and warm hugs.

Our words will not completely give them relief but it can help them to go through the pain easily. All we can do for the depressed soul is to make them okay with the help of our words. They can never have the best replacement of what they have lost but for sure your words will give huge support at the worse time period of their life. Any 1 Can Find condolence messages for loss of child from our website for any person lost his child.

Condolence Messages on Death of Child

“In her short years, your child led a fuller life than many of us would have in decades. To those who knew her, she was an example of courage and perseverance.”

“I have always respected the optimistic attitude of your child, even in the middle of so many difficulties and challenges. When we walk through dark days, he has given us all an example to follow. You’ve got our sincere condolences.”

“Our hearts break when we learned of your dear child’s death. With a word of encouragement always on her tongue, she was so caring and kind. Never will she be forgotten.”

“Your child will hold a special place in our hearts at all times. He was the kind of person that we all strive to be, selfless, caring, and generous. Can we make an attempt to be what he was?”

“When we think of your child all the times she displayed compassion when she didn’t have to, we can’t help but recall. She was a real jewel that everybody would miss.”

“The quiet faithfulness and steadfast love of your child was on show for everyone to see, though he did not want the spotlight. His memory is not going to be forgotten.”

“The joy and laughter which seemed to accompany your child everywhere he went, we can remember so well. And at the thought of its absence, our hearts broke. You’ve got our condolences.”

“When we learned of your beloved child’s death, tears filled our eyes. She’s always been so happy to be around and we’ve never heard her utter an unkind word to anyone. You’ve got our sincere condolences.”

“The life of the party has always been your child. Everyone knew and loved who he was. He is never going to be forgotten. You’ve got our condolences.”

“A cherished child who left too soon. And yet there are so many pleasant memories left of her smile, laughter, and warm presence. May you take comfort in the time during this season of grief you had together.”

“An indication of faithfulness has always been your child. All who knew him knew he could be counted on by them. And now to bring us through, we depend on his memory.”

“One of the most painful things you will ever face is losing a child. But knowing that your daughter made her mark on the world and we’re all better off for it you can take comfort.”

“Our hearts are broken over your child’s death. He still wore a smile and lived the kind of joy-filled life we all wish we were able to experience. Can his memory, as you grieve, give you comfort.”

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

“I will never forget the love that was shown to our family by your child. he has been a true example of humanity’s brightest. And all those who met him would miss him. Deep Condolences on the death of a child”

“I pray for you to find peace in the everlasting love of the Lord. Send your worries to Him and take comfort that He is still with you.”

“Though we do not comprehend the tragedies of life, we are still in the hands of the Lord. We hope that you find the ease of healing.”

“Can you find power and healing from our Lord God’s everlasting love? And in our darkest hours, he is with us.”

“Our household prays for your recovery. Know that the Lord is with you and holds you through times of darkness in His light.”

“Please accept my deepest sympathies and understand that my prayers are now and always with you. In His eternal grace, may God heal you and bless you with His devotion.”

“During this trying time, we give our most heartfelt condolences. In the presence of the Lord, your healer, may you find comfort.”

“We pray that the Good Shepherd will comfort you and guide you across this dark valley as you walk. May his goodness and grace, while you wait, find you.”

“I pray that God will make his grace and presence known to you at every moment of the day no matter how frustrating or difficult. You’ve got my sincere condolences for the loss of a child.”

“We don’t always know why things arise the way they do. We realize, however, that we have a God that can keep us up, come what may. During this tough time, we pray for God’s presence to sustain you.”

“As you endure these tough times, we pray that Christ, the Bread of Life, will fulfill your every need. You’ve got our sincere condolences.”

Condolence Messages on Death of Child

We have told you different ways of making someone okay when they lose their child. Along with this, we have also told you the exact meaning of condolence messages. So, now you can easily console someone with condolence messages for loss of child.

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