Circle SideBar

Color Sidebar – an application to enhance your Android experience, providing easy multitasking from anywhere and anytime!

It’s fast and very traditional. Users can easily adjust the way it works and the content. It runs in the background and can be easily accessed with just one swipe from any screen. Users can also configure it to start the boot.


1. Easy Control – All settings are provided with details of each function on the main screen for better understanding and avoid confusion.

2. It is fully adjusted with the motion method. Seat, height and position moving options are provided. Users can easily adjust it to their liking.

3. Add custom applications – Users have full access to all applications installed on the phone. At any time, the user can choose which sites are displayed in the sidebar.

4. Hepatic feedback is provided to the user in response to their sidebar ringing request.

5. Includes the option to apply custom icon packages. Install each icon package from the store and select it from the circle sidebar.

6. Icon size option also provided.

7. After the second update, the option to add shortcuts has been added according to the user’s request. (Pro feature)

8. App icons and lists are fully adjustable – choose icons from multiple icon packages or use a custom image.

9. Depending on the user’s requirements, it includes the option to blacklist apps (Pro Feature). Sidebar disappears automatically in selected applications.

10. The color sidebar may be finished after the third update.

11. Enable / disable unlimited scrolling based on user preference.

12. More features will come 🙂

Last updated:

* Highly reported problem solved: Touching outside the sidebar prevents others from entering the background.
* Problem closed with background service.
* Solve the communication stimulus problem. (Previously it only worked on pipes)
* Added timeout option for sidebar.
* Added option to disable unlimited scroll.
* Added option to manage blacklist applications. (Pro Feature) (Sidebar will automatically disappear in selected applications)

Other properties:
* Now supports lock screen activation.
* Added blacklisting based on device ID added.

Quick settings added:
– You can now set up a second circle for quick settings. You can configure it with unlimited scrolling with all fast settings or you can limit it to the best settings.

– Quick settings include:
1. Wi-Fi toggle
2. Bluetooth toggle.
3. Rotate the screen.
4. Flashlight toggle.
5. Flight mark.
6. The state of R.A.
7. Volume control (depending on the volume of both media and sound tone)
8. Music control: play / pause.
9. Music Control: Play Next / Play Old Track.
10. Hotspot Toggle (Toggle may be a bit slow on some devices)
11. Location Services Toggle.
12. Ranger mode (normal / vibration / silent)
13. More to come … Leave your suggestions via email.

License required:
Storage – The need to add a file shortcut or create icons to the device storage.
Ring – What is needed is a direct dial shortcut to a specific number.

Please use the reports section in the app to contact the developer directly via email.
Any comments, suggestions, and great reports are greatly appreciated.
If you like the app, please share it with friends and family and leave a rating in the Play Store.

All major updates published are based on user requests and suggestions, please always email me !!


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