Caller Name Announcer

Caller Name Announcer is a fast, intuitive and custom announcer app. It notifies calls, SMS and WhatsApp messages. It has a flashlight alert feature that notifies you via flash when you receive a phone call, SMS or notification in the application.

🔥 Key Features

Eller Caller ID
❋ Show who called.
❋ Identify anonymous phone calls.
❋ Detailed call summary after each call.

📢 Announcers
❋ Call the announcer.
❋ SMS announcer.
❋ WhatsApp announcer.
❋ Lots more to come 🤩

🔊 Notification settings
❋ Disable ads for specific contacts.
❋ Option to announce false name instead of real name.
❋ Works in all modes (Ring, Silent, Vibrate).
❋ Works on any TTS (text to speech) machine.
❋ Introduce knowledge in different languages ​​(TTS supported).
❋ Set different volumes for calls, SMS and WhatsApp.

🔦 Flashlight Warnings
❋ The flash flash on call, SMS and notification.
❋ Option to change the flash clip pattern.
❋ Compasses (Shake, Power button) to stop the flash.
❋ Flash warnings close automatically when there is a low battery.

💕💕💕 Thank you for downloading the application! Do not forget to give us a review. If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at


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