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Automatic call logger Call recording 2021 is the best application for recording phone calls. Record all high incoming and outgoing calls
Quality. The list of recorded calls will be displayed and simplified on the main screen of the automatic call recording application and you can list and record the calls in your heart. You can manage your recorded calls, listen to recordings using our built-in audio player, add notes and share them, and manage phone recording files in a smart way with such as sharing, playing, deleting and renaming call logs, multiple audio formats, add to favorites, cell phone recorder and more. No more worrying about losing important phone call records.

How the application works:
Open the application. It will ask you to grant some permissions to the application. and accessibility. The application will not work without these permissions.

: Features: (Best call recording application)

🚀 Hide automatic call recorder and quickly save your beep-free calls using the automatic call recording application

. Set a time limit for recording or recording unrestricted calls in the call recorder application.

🚀 Add convenient notes to your calls for easy-to-use call recording application.

E Fast and smooth user interface of the call recording application.

. Set a password to protect confidentiality

Finally, good luck and enjoy our app Please if you encounter any problems contact us at this email (
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