Battery saver Apk download

Extend battery life and boost phone speed with battery saver 2021 .

Your mobile phone is lagging and draining too fast ? That is because of lot of apps and services running on background and make your phone too slow and reduces your mobile battery life, you need a solution to solve this problem.

With Battery saver & Phone booster 2021 you can boost battery life and improve performance of your phone by just on click

Battery life & battery saver is a free battery tool that help you to boost your mobile battery life.

Battery saver & booster 2021 can shut down unnecessary apps and services on your android phone or tablet, by simple tab our battery saver & battery life will close showing you the specific tools like wifi, GPS and bluetooth… to close them.

Battery saver and phone booster can speed up your mobile phone by closing all apps on background.

★ Battery Saver

Save your battery power, extend battery life and optimize battery usage with one Tap.


Get noticed when the battery is full

★ Memory Boost

Clean up memory (RAM) and optimise phone speed by removing background process. Increase performance of your mobile phone & boost RAM

★ Phone Cooler – CPU Cooler

CPU Cooler feature can accurate detection of phone temperature in real time, disabled heating apps to cool down battery temperature and help to extend battery life.


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