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InShot – A powerful and free HD video editor, a professional video producer. Add music, transform effects, text, emoji filters, blurred backgrounds, etc.

Professional video editing skills capture precious moments in your daily life. The best high-definition filmmaker and video editor with music helps you create videos and edit videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

InShot is also a photo editor. Turn photos into selfies, create collages and add text: stickers. Create stories for Instagram.


Video editor for everyone
* Cut and trim videos. Professional video cutter and editor and video editing program. Divide the videos into two parts and multiply the videos into several.
* Merge videos. Combine several clips into one. Combine and compress video without losing quality.
* Cut and export HD quality video. Easy to use filmmaker and YouTube vertical preview generator.
* Upload your own video and photos to any report. No social media programmers, easy to use Instagram video writers and TikTok editors.
* Contrast. Convert your video with one click.
* Rotate / rotate the video.

Music, sound effects and recorders
* Vlog music video production program. Add music for InShot or use your own.
* Extract music from videos.
* Add your own sound to your video as a recorder.
* Adjust music volume and turn music options off / off.

Video conversion effect
* Combine two videos by adding transitions to make the video transition more cinematic. Just click, you can become an expert in image editing with InShot.
* More than 60 transformations are now available in InShot. Like Fade in / out, Glitch, Light, Ghost, Slice …

Video filters and video effects
* Add movie style and full effect video filters like Glitch, stop, retro, RGB and more.
* Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Personal video filters and video effects.

Text and glue
* Add text to video, multiple fonts to edit text.
* Add animated stickers and emojis. Over 1000 glues.
* Edit text tags with animated effects.
* Add memes and special photos to videos and photos.

Video speed control
* Adjust video speed with video filters and video effects. Full-screen movie-making application for fast / slow motion.
* Speed ​​up videos or add slow motion. Options from 0.2x to 100x.
* Excite the special moment.

Photo Converter Video Converter.
* Easily convert videos to MP4 format. Free video downloader.
* Creator camera, combine images with music to create a slide show.

Prehistoric “reports”
* Adjust your video in aspect ratio. 1: 1 for Instagram, 16: 9 for YouTube; 9:16 for TikTok …
* Add different limits and no cuts. Background and video color editor.

easy to share
* Special image export resolution, professional HD video editor (1080p or 4K), professional director
* Share with all social apps like YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, Whatsapp, TikTok etc. Share your daily life with others on social media.

. Professional photo editor and collage
* Very elegant collage setup.
* Unique filters, colorful backgrounds and blurred backgrounds.
* Many transactions are supported. Beautiful frame.
* More than 1000 stickers, add funny memes to your photos.

InShot is a video: image editing program. With InShot, you can easily add music, lyrics, emojis, and create videos with cool effects and transitions. Fast / slow movement is great fun. You can easily cut and export a video without losing quality and share your vlogs on social networks for more likes, or edit a video with music and photo for TikTok.

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