Diary with Lock Password & Scrapbook Notes Editor

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Notebook with login password and notebook notes editor
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Personal Diary is a free Android app with simple and useful features like password lock pattern security, notes security, etc.

This personal virtual magazine is useful to you in many ways. In this we have included many features like diary, scrapbook and sketchbook. This application allows you to add and save data permanently and read it anywhere and anytime. You can post, open, read and enjoy flashbacks at any time. The app also has additional notebook and canvas features to express emotion and creativity.

You can also save your work routine and set reminders for the next day. Personal diary app gives you options for creative fonts, text styles, and cute cut art. In addition to that, you also have the option to customize your diary or diary, creative notes, notes and writing features.

Here are some of the features:
* Diary, notebook and sketchbook in one app.
* Edit / delete previous notes, drawings or notebook data
* A number of text styles, text backgrounds and font options with a variety of colors.
* Option to set/change or remove model lock and password security.
* Share data on Whatsapp, social media, email, etc.
* Funny, hilarious and creative selections of stickers.
* Add reminder notes to the calendar
* Backup data
* Easy to use and compatible with devices

You can draw and edit the arts and shapes in your sketchbook with your favorite color. In the notebook, you can add photos of old memories and events, edit and use many other options such as adding emojis, changing the background or background color, etc.

Open this application on your phone and enjoy precious moments from the past in your spare time or while traveling. To keep data private and secure, you can also use the model lock and screen lock functions, so that only you can read your content. You can view the entries in the date range and you can change the wallpaper themes according to the memories and mood.


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