Trendy new way of taking pictures——
Trendy selfies are newly revised and upgraded, with a variety of texture camera new ways to play, and new trends can be taken anytime, anywhere
[Polaroid] From experience to imaging, the fried chicken is real, your last Polaroid is here

[Film Camera] Choose from a variety of vintage film rolls, and keep you a sense of surprise in processing
[Fisheye Camera] Seeing a more exciting world through fisheye, this angle is a bit funky and cute
[Smart Sculpting] The new black technology is coming, making you a long-legged goddess in seconds
[Various stickers, awkward and cool] The same is too boring, it’s more interesting to change to a sticker
[Characteristic filter, save the waste film] Variety scenes, trendy filters, waste film becomes a blockbuster in a second
[Real beautification, advanced beautification] Fine beautification, real beautification, and no makeup can also be shot in large movies
[10S cool video, show your trendy attitude] Segment shooting + changeable special effects = shooting trendy blockbusters every minute
–contact us–
Use experience, BUG feedback, product suggestions can be communicated, and there are nice ladies who answer questions online in real time during working hours.
-Official Weibo: @潮自拍
-Official WeChat public account: selfiecity
-Official WeChat customer service: Chao selfie assistant (WeChat ID: meituxiaozhushou)

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