Blue Light Filter for Eye Care

Blue light filter to care for and protect your eyes! Blue light, also known as “High Energy Visible Light”, is provided by the screen of your smartphone, which is said to cause strained eyes, blurred vision and insomnia. Prolonged exposure will damage the retina of the eye.

This app, the blue light filter will adjust the color of the screen to reduce and block the blue light and help your eyes relax, acts as a screen dimmer or screen filter, which reduces eye strain, worsens vision.

** Blue light filter functions for eye care **

Filter / dimmer to protect your eyes.
Activate the filter to start protecting your eyes! Particularly effective when you have to look at the screen of your smartphone for many hours and nights.

2. Different settings
– Filter / attenuator power from 0% to 100%
– 6 different filter / fade colors to choose from
– Adjust the sharpness and brightness of the phone
Possibility to keep the status bar color as it is or integrate it into the filter

3. Super simple and efficient user interface!
Activation / deactivation takes place with a single press from the beginning of the application.

4. Automatic start
Possibility to switch on the filter automatically during charging. or ON / OFF

5. Graphic elements
Easily enable / disable the filter from the drop-down menu.


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