Hide Blue ticks, last seen & read deleted messages

Have your friends deleted WhatsApp messages you’ve read before?
This app saves the sender’s “deleted messages” on the WhatsApp.

Want to read messages without anyone knowing? Then this app is for you.
‘Blue Tech, Red Potter’ makes it easy, safe and fast.

Designed for chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, this app shows you the messages you receive in these apps. You can read messages from this chat app instead. Simple!
It hides blue checks for various chat applications or reads receipts or reads statuses.

Also, have you liked your friend’s WhatsApp status and want to save / share it with others? This app has features for downloading and sharing videos and photos of WhatsApp statuses.

Key features of this application:
-> Supported apps WhatsApp (hide the blue double check and last seen), Telegram (hide the blue tick), Facebook Messenger (no message reading tick), Viber (no message reading).
-> Read deleted messages by sender
-> Saves a list of messages to read each time, and identifier for unread messages.
-> Includes both single and group chats for WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook.
-> Response feature for WhatsApp
-> List of photos, videos, audio and voice memos for support apps like WhatsApp, Telegram. (Media application must be downloaded automatically for this application)
-> Group chats by request.
-> Enable / disable chat options for the desired chat apps.
-> Psychological UI and content design.
-> No hacking required, such as shutting down the Internet.
-> Localization support for major languages.
-> Save and share photos / videos / gifs of WhatsApp statuses with your friends.
So, enjoy reading these messages now and be ready to reply. The app provides you with an interface for listing messages for each chat.
Read all messages quietly and be prepared for the situation. No one will really understand when you read the messages.

So all you can do is read your messages from an anonymous reader, and go to the chat app when you’re ready to reply. No blue ticks, no read receipts, no last seen, no read status.
Hide, be a fool;)

* “This app uses access services to read your messages”


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