Pakhair WAStickerApp: Pashto Stickers

Get different types of Pashto sticker packs for chatting. Express emotions and words only in the form of a sticker set. WAStickerApps gives you a large collection of Pashto Westerckers for Pashtuns and Afghans. Start having fun with interesting answers filled with Pashto language stickers that are fun and enjoyable.
Get a great collection of Pashto stickers for Westcrips and start bombing the sticker. Share funny jokes and enjoy your conversations using traditional Pashto WAStickerApps. Get the gift of modified Pashto stickers to talk to friends and surprise people with the incredible Pashto sticker pack.

The Pashto sticker packages on the Pashto sticker set are basically funny and amusing. Enjoy the conversation by sharing secret stickers for West Cripps. Share interesting Pashto text phrases written on stickers including Patan and Afghan Pashto text stickers.
Pashtuns and Afghans generally speak Pashto, which is their main means of communication. If you love Pattan and Pashto, get your Pattan sticker package and add the stickers to the chatting app for sharing. Talk and say it only with Pashto stickers because they give you a lot of fun while talking. Pashto WAStikcerAPPS includes some interesting and interesting Pashto stickers for Wasttiker apps.
Get the Pashtun Sticker app.
ټاک Select your desired Pashto sticker pack.
• Add your Pashto sticker directly to the chat app.
و Check your secret sticker when chatting.
شامل Add an unlimited number of Pashtun stickers.
Main features
Large collection of Pashto stickers
Humorous and interesting text written in Pashto sticker
Patan and Afghan Whiskers to share
Most of the Patan sticker packaging


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