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Tired of repeated unknown calls?
Want to get rid of these annoying callers?
Help identify the naughty person behind these annoying, anonymous calls?
Then you come to the right place. We’re here to help you with this awesome app, “True Guide – Calling ID and Call Blocker”.
True Guide – Caller ID and Call Blocker app is specially designed to show you all the necessary details of Caller ID, for example; Reject real caller ID, identify its name and location, reject anonymous / fake caller ID, anonymous incoming calls, and spam, telemarketing, fraud and stolen phones.

True Guide – Caller ID and Call Blocker is the most popular application for identifying the phone and playing a dual role in preventing unwanted and junk calls. It is a dual function tool, caller ID app and on the other hand call blocker app.
Original Guide – When you receive an anonymous call, Caller ID and Call Blocker App True Caller ID perform their role effectively. This is the single best application to keep your communication safe and accurate.
True Guide – Caller ID and Call Blocker is a very authoritative, simple and easy application. This caller ID app, at any time, clarifies the details of next year’s numbers that are not saved in your contact list.

Why should anyone install this app?
There are some notable benefits of the Caller ID app.
اسک Scan and identify your year log. Access contacts and show details about unusual calls.
• The most effective year blocker can automatically block spam bells and blacklist your year.
Powerful numbers database, to support caller ID application, to identify unknown numbers.
ایک A very popular app for smartphone users who can easily access any unknown phone using this unusual gadget.
• Original caller ID, name, location, caller photo address offline.

Main Features!

Caller ID: Caller ID is the best feature of this application, which helps to know who is calling, it recognizes the names of caller IDs of most unknown phones. It instantly reveals the details of the unknown caller, so the user can easily decide whether to accept or reject the call.

Call Blocker: Block all numbers and text that you are not interested in, such as scammers, loot rings, telemarketers, other collectors, fraud, add-ons, harassment, etc.

Smart Call Log: Specifies the location of the original caller’s name and phone number in the previous year’s log. It provides all the mentioned phones, incoming and outgoing calls. Every call is hung through this interesting app.

Find Phone Numbers: Find every phone number with our powerful search system. Use the phone number finder app to find out who’s calling you. Smart Search saves the search of all phone numbers, find the phone number on every incoming phone and copy this number everywhere to find out whose it is.

Offline Database: This application is highly capable and can detect anonymous calls and messages without the need for internet. and what? Fast offline app.

Caller ID is a great application because it can do many things at once, as it is a caller ID app, ring blocker, contacts and phone dealer and quick number book.

Don’t believe us Give this popular application a chance. Tell us about your experience with this app, review how you find it, we look forward to your feedback. Be the protector of your telecommunications and enjoy secure phones!


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