All notifications and calls blocker

All Alert Blocker is just one of many applications of its kind for Android devices, the good thing is that it is completely free with premium features.

Total Alert Blocker helps you block all unwanted notifications and effectively manage them in just three tabs. Do not leave any notifications with Lux so as not to be harassed by any unwanted calls or notifications from any application.

UC Browser is very popular but has a headache with this pop-up notification. All Notice Blocker App UC Browser helps block app notifications which are unwanted and annoying.

* Parts *

بلا Block all notifications and alarms, and view them all in the entire notification blocker application.
Show closed alerts.
Turn off pressure notifications
★ It is the best app of all which WhatsApp Blocker is the best app.
• Without root and only general permission is required.
Desirable activity
کړئ Add your schedule to block notifications and calls for a specific time, and you can check it all later in all notification blockers.
کړئ Turn off all notifications and alerts but still add exceptions for specific contacts and apps.
کړئ Create a profile to turn off notifications and calls according to your schedule and multiple daily schedules.
واحد Unit schedule of each application
Exceptions for specific apps
خلاص Unlock all blocked notifications from this application, there is an option to open the application from which the notification was received.
Multiple schedules for each application
کړئ Block all incoming calls according to your schedule and multiple schedules.
One click to clear all notifications
یو One click to relax all blocking rules
Free with premium features


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