AbTalk Call – Free Phone Call & Worldwide Calling

Stop paying for precious cell minutes and text messages!

The AbTalk Call – app can help you connect with all your international friends on any mobile and landline, even if they don’t have access to the network.

No deals, no hidden fees, better than any cheap international phone app.

AbTalk is the Voice of the Year app of the year, it makes free international calls from countries around the world.

خی Parts
Free calls and text messages
– Free calling allows you to make international calls to countries around the world, even if the recipient does not have an internet connection.
– Call and send to any phone number in the world without payment!
There are no travel costs even when calling from abroad.

Clean and stable ringing.
– Call and call a high quality phone with voice quality which is very clear, like ringing a phone from a landline!

یا Free WiFi phone call.
– Don’t have a cell phone data plan? no problem. You can use Wi-Fi to make free calls and text.
Free calls via WiFi or 3G / 4G mobile data.

Unlimited phone credits.
– You have many options to get credit, the easiest of which is just one tap. Get more credit for completing some fun activities.

Countries free calling to popular countries.
– Cheap or free international calls to more than 200 countries.
It can help you call someone else anywhere in the world.
Free phone calls to India, Nigeria, Mexico, Pakistan, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia.


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